Care Ministry 
helps connect Missional Communities with people in their neighborhood who have tangible needs.

Whether delivering meals, making hospital visits, or inviting people to FCC services, Missional Communities are empowered to love their neighbors.

Community Missions
focuses on using the larger church's (Family of Families) resources to help pay for bills and basic needs.

Need financial assistance? Start the approval process with the FCC Missions Committee by contacting the FCC office at (715) 386-4070.

Biblical Counseling is available at no charge to members and regular attenders of FCC.

Find help for common problems like fear and anxiety, depression, marriage conflict, or pornography.

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Groups and Classes include Christianity Explored and Financial Peace University.

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Biblical Counseling

Thursday Afternoons & Evenings
Between 12:30 - 8:00 pm
Faith Community Church
Free for FCC members and regular attenders

Biblical counseling at Faith Community Church is based on principles and methods found in God's Word and offers help for common problems like:
• Fear and anxiety
• Depression
• Marriage relational conflict
• Pornography

Free help and hope from the Bible. We believe God's Word, the Bible, is sufficient to resolve life's most challenging situations and questions. There is hope and we'd love to help you find it.

Life can be very difficult at times. At Faith Community Church, we would count it a privilege to help you during these times. Our confidence is not in ourselves, but in God and His all-sufficient Word. So if you are struggling in your marriage, having bouts of depression, anxiety, or fear, have
experienced abuse, are struggling with parenting, addiction, or other issues--let us share with you the sure hope and answers found in God’s Word. Our trained counselors will treat you with respect and care as they seek to point you to this wonderful hope.

What is Biblical counseling?

Biblical counseling is counsel from the Bible, which we believe to be sufficient for everything that pertains to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3-4). It is akin to discipleship or sanctification. Whereas preaching is the public ministry of the Word, counseling is the private ministry of the Word. We believe in speaking the truth and in love.

Who can receive counseling?

Faith Community Church has been blessed by its church body to be able to offer counsel, free of charge, to anyone who calls. With that said, priority is given to our church members/attenders.

If you are not a Faith Community Church member/attender and want to be put on the member/attender list, this can happen by beginning to attend Faith Community Church. We would love to host you, and our counseling “success” rate is significantly higher with those who are involved with Faith Community than those who are not.

Interested in scheduling an appointment?

"I have a deeper understanding of my identity as God's child, made in his image, forgiven and renewed, chosen by Him."
"Biblical Counseling is a safe place to be loved by other brothers and sisters who love and pray for you, as well as challenge you. I continue to use the gifts and tools shared with me."

How do I get started?
Please complete the Counseling Request Form.

  1. Fill out the Appointment Request form on this page.
  2. You'll be sent 3 separate emails with links to electronic forms from Procentive, an electronic health record service.
  3. Fill out the secure, confidential forms to secure your spot on the Biblical Counseling waiting list. (Set aside 1 hour of uninterrupted time to complete the Personal Data Inventory.)
  4. You'll receive a call when an appointment is available!

Appointment Request

If you intend to come in with a spouse (as a couple instead of an individual), please click the button below and enter the requested information for your spouse.

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Evening appointments are the most popular which means the waiting list is typically three times longer than morning or daytime appointments.

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If you have not received 3 emails with electronic forms within a week after submitting this request, call the office at (715) 386-4070.

Any personal information you provide is solely a means for us to respond to you directly. Faith Community Church does not provide any information to third parties or subscribe you to email lists without your knowledge and consent.

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