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Marriage Class: Marriage on the Rock


Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30pm Typically offered in spring. Prerequesite: Completion of the "What Did You Expect" course

Start Date

January 30, 2020

End Date

April 2, 2020


Faith Community Church


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Gary Nourse

Call (651) 260-7236 or email


Come for dinner at 5:45pm. Childcare will be provided for children through age 9. Children 10 and older will be invited to serve in the nurseries. (Register for childcare with course registration.)

Society requires years of preparation for almost any significant career endeavor, but demands no real preparation for one of the most crucial undertakings in life - marriage. In an age of disposable marriage and information overload, where can couples turn for real answers that will make their relationships work - only to God. "Marriage on the Rock" clearly details God's principles that will turn disillusioned, divorce-bound marriages into satisfying dream relationships. These principles include:

  1. Why no human being can meet your deepest needs - only God can.
  1. The secrets of a solid marriage.
  1. The four foundational laws of marriage.
  1. What the Bible says about the roles of husbands and wives.
  1. How to understand and meet your spouse's needs.
  1. The five essential skills for maximum sexual pleasures.

The “Marriage on the Rock” course includes a DVD series and discussion guide with homework. “What Did you Expect” by Paul Tripp is a prerequisite for this course.

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