LATTE Women's Ministry - Invited: OPEN HEARTS AND DOORS



December 7, 2019



9 - 11:30am


Faith Community Church




Brianna Butler and Katelyn Peterson and


Invited: One With Him | Dec. 7, 2019 | 9 - 11:30am

Relationships rely on hospitality, not just in our homes, but in our hearts, as well. Intentional relationships do not begin with a perfect home and hearts, but the perfect gift and hospitality Christ gave us. Darcy Prince will be presenting on this timely topic as we gear up for a season of love and hospitality—Christmas.

INVITE A FRIEND, TOO! Complimentary breakfast served. Childcare available for infants to age 10. Register soon for childcare soon at or the FaithBase app.

I have been in Hudson and at FCC for a little over seven years.

My husband serves as a pastor at FCC, and I have enjoyed serving as a facilitator for Women in the Word and also as a host for our downtown Hudson Missional Community. I am so encouraged and blessed by the many women I have served alongside of these past seven years.

We have three boys at Willow River Elementary in downtown Hudson.

With them our lives are full of soccer, backyard football, Cub Scout camping, Friday movie nights, silliness, Legos, silly questions and sometimes deep questions. We are constantly seeking wisdom both from God and others who have already navigated raising boys--seeking to live out the Gospel before and with them.

At LATTE, I look forward to sharing how hospitality starts in the heart and leaks into every other aspect of our lives.

There can be many obstacles that we encounter or fear when we think about hospitality and I hope to highlight the hospitality of Jesus. It is my great hope that as we remember together the example of Jesus, we can spur one another on to have hospitable hearts, homes, and lives so that others can meet, know and follow Jesus.

--Darcy Prince