Hey Everyone! My name is Shannon Christopher, and I am one of the service hosts here at FCC. I'm also a missional community leader and a wife, mom, and–many of you may not know–I’ve spent 10 years as an elementary school teacher.  

I want to take a moment to encourage parents in this challenging season. If you are a parent of a student, your child’s classroom has been brought into your living room and for some of you with little ones, even right into your laps!

Not only is it incredibly difficult to try navigate the full-time responsibility of educating at home, but it is also so disheartening to experience all of unexpected limitations being placed on our children’s education.  

No matter what your school system was before COVID-19–public school, private or charter school, or homeschooling–we all want so much more for our children! We want them to be learning through a variety of relationships, experiences, resources, and opportunities.  

You may be struggling to provide time, technology, or simply patience and energy for educating your children at home in this season.  

I want to share with you 3 good things to remind yourself and other parents as we continue our children’s education until the end of the school year:

Number 1. God has designed your children to LEARN. Psalm 139 tells us that our children are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Learning is a built-in function that begins with virtually zero effort on our part from the moment they are born.  

Your children are sponges, data-collectors, curiosity-driven beings who are always paying attention to the world around them. They ARE LEARNING, every day! They are learning from our attitudes and how we are solving problems together.  

They are learning about being part of a community, to look at their neighbors and say, “Hey, you are like me...and we are all in this together.”

They are building muscles for perseverance, for resiliency and for all the ways that they can count on their family to be there for them when times are tough.

Your presence in your home with your children, whether you are also working from home or not, and all the small ways that you communicate that you care, is what they need most–and you ARE providing it for them every day!

Number 2. There are SIMPLE activities you can do with your children that will have a BIG impact on their future lives. Maybe school work didn’t go so well today. That’s ok! Read a book, make a meal together, teach a new chore, ask them to entertain themselves for a little while, take a walk and challenge them to notice 3 new things they’ve never seen before, or have a family game night.  

Simple tasks that are new can give our children a sense of purpose, challenge, and belonging in our family system. This is some of the best kind of learning. I can tell you that teachers have been CRYING OUT for these kinds of activities to return to children and families for years!  

There is incredible value in having one person who cares about you spend just a few minutes teaching you something, anything really, new about the world.

Your children will remember these lessons from you the longest, AND they are likely to provide a sense of satisfaction that both you and your child can find some rest in.  

Number 3. God sees you where you are–and he is NOT keeping a grade book on your performance as your child’s teacher. God gave your children to you and he has trust for your heart for them!  

There is nothing new under the sun and God gives all of us a lifetime to learn about and explore the world He has made. COVID-19 is only for a season and God is NOT deterred from the plans He has for you or your children’s lives.

May you be encouraged, friends! Despite all of the uncertainty that our days our bringing us, there is incredible meaning in the way you and your family are figuring it out TOGETHER.  

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Faith and Life. Before I go I just want to remind you to hit the share button so the message can make a difference in another life as well!  


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