Hi everyone, I’m Tracy McCutcheon, the Director of Women’s Ministries at Faith Community Church. I am a wife, a mom, a grandmother, a friend and mentor, but most importantly, I am a child of God.

I want to encourage you moms of young children who find yourself struggling in these unusual times.  

As women we have the ability to the see and address the needs of others. That makes us excellent employees, and it uniquely qualifies us as moms. But these times are testing the limits of our giftedness so I want to share how that CAN become a good thing. Let me explain:

Due to COVID-19, many of you are working from home while parenting and teaching young children.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the impossibility of performing all these responsibilities at the same level of performance as when you could do them one at a time. This can leave you feeling guilty as an employee AND as a mom.

You may feel inadequate and anxious, wondering:

  • will my children fall behind in school due to my lack of oversight;
  • will they think that my work is more important than them and not feel loved;
  • will my employer notice a drop in productivity;
  • will they think I am taking advantage of being home?

Even if you aren’t working from home, you may feel trapped since you cannot take your kiddos out to the parks or even to the grocery store. Options for breaks have been eliminated. Kids and parents alike may feel stir crazy, and tensions can rise. They might resist your attempts to help get school work done; they might fight more than normal. Feeling inadequate, frustrated and even unloving as a mom in these moments can leave you feeling guilty as well.  

Moms, you’re not alone. You aren’t the first woman who’s felt like this and God wants to bring His perspective of hope and peace to you.  

I can’t give you the Parents Guide of HOW TO parent and work from home while being trapped in 900 square feet with no money. What I can do is say how God has met me in these places over and over again.

Philippians 4 informs us that we can cast our anxiety on Him.

That starts with accepting that God ordains times like these to help us learn what is true about ourselves and true about Him. Let me share some of the truths that brought me peace at times when parenting seemed impossible and trying.

  1. All humans, including you and me, have limits. Coming to the end of ourselves is good because it helps us focus on His sufficiency for our loved ones and for our future.
  2. Your value isn’t dependent on your performance. Your value is based on Christ’s performance. He declared your value when He died for you. No performance of yours can out-do that, so you don’t have to perform perfectly. You, sister, aren’t the one who holds all things together—that’s His job. Simply rely on Him to help you in each and every moment.
  3. Your children’s sins and short comings aren’t a reflection of your incompetence; they’re a reflection of their human nature. So, don’t take it personally when they sin. Just point them to their need for God. And remember, God is grieved by the sin of His children, too, so He understands your feelings. You can ask Him to help you see your children through His eyes.
  4. We aren’t ultimately trapped by walls; we have a unique kind of freedom in Christ. Each day is a new day where we can explore life together with our kids even while staying indoors. Us uncreative women can borrow ideas from our creative sisters, remembering that their gifts are meant to serve the whole body. And not every moment is meant to be a mountaintop, learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable! I have learned that it truly is empowering overcoming unnecessary expectations of life.
  5. And remember: the all-wise, all-knowing God of this universe knew exactly what these days would look like for you, and still, He selected you to be your children’s mom, and He chose you to be the employee that you are! He has confidence in you, even with your limitations, and because of that, so do I.  

According to Acts 17, your Heavenly Father is close to you and He’s close to your children whether you see it or not.

John 5:17 tells us that He’s at work this very day and you can trust Him to finish His plan. I can’t wait to hear all the stories on the other side of all the truths you have learned, and of the freedom that He has provided for you through this.

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