Click HERE to register for the FAITH & Life Conversation on Frustration and Disappointment, Tuesday, May 5 from 7-8pm.

Are you frustrated with all the changes and lack of progress brought about by COVID-19?

We have an opportunity for you to register for a conversation that you may find quite helpful. I’ll tell you how in just a few minutes. I’m Larry Szyman and I am one of the pastors of Faith Community.

Here’s how frustration looks in my life: I have an idea of how life is supposed to work, but life is not working that way. The gap is where frustration comes in.

The intensity of my frustration has to do with whether I believe I can close this gap or not. If I can, I work a plan and move on. If not, I can slide into anger, cynicism and a level of hopelessness.

The desire for life “up here” is not wrong. The challenge comes when that desire slips into a demand. When you discover you cannot close this gap-destructive anger may result affecting yourself and those around you. This can be true of men.

I’m recommending an alternative to hope in yourself, your health or employment status.

Consider trusting God and the promises He makes. Trust Him with your frustration to transform it toward something productive. An ancient leader named Paul wrote this to a church encouraging them not to go the route of destructive anger…he wrote,

9 And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.  

Recently, I have had opportunity to give into frustration.

In the month of April alone, I have been tested for COVID-twice. I have been hospitalized in two different locations for a total of five nights. I got my first ambulance ride which was kind of cool. I don’t remember having a fever in my adult life, yet from April 8-22nd I had a dozen fevers averaging 102.5 degrees and a high of 105. I have had 82 blood tests, in addition to EKGs, chest x-rays, you name it.  

One of the choices I made was to recognize for all the frustration I was experiencing, I could verbalize my gratitude upon those caring for me rather than falling into self-pity.

I chose to trust God and not grow weary of doing good, which is not always my response to life’s frustrations and disappointments. I want to invite you to join me in trusting in something, in Someone bigger than your current strategy: a living God who loves you and is for you.

If in this COVID season you’re experiencing frustration and disappointment that is affecting the way you function in life we can help you! 

On Tuesday, May 5th from 7:00-8:00pm, Pat Stream, FCC’s Pastor of Counseling, will be offering an online event called Faith & Life Conversations. 

Pat will be looking in greater depth at this area of frustration and disappointment, offering his insight as a Certified Biblical Counselor. He’ll offer perspective, field questions and offer prayer for those in attendance. Registration is required and is limited to 100 people. You can register by clicking this link. Please take advantage of this opportunity to grow in this challenging season.

And before you move on with your day will you please share this video to spread the hope of Jesus Christ with others? We will see you back here next week for the next edition of Faith and Life.


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