Authentic Manhood: Winning at Work & Home


Sundays, 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. Jan. 6 to Apr. 28


Faith Community Church


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David Bourdeau or 612-323-4689


There are two areas that are central to a man's happiness: his career and his family.

This 16-session DVD study (with workbook) explores new ways a man can better engage and enjoy his work and more successfully relate to the woman in his life.

Course Topics Include:

• What Men Need to Know About Women

• Grasping Life’s Universal Success Principle

• Improving Your Sex Life

• Increasing Your Personal Power at Work

• Four Keys to Maximum Parenting

• Wise Moves With Money in Your Marriage

• Connecting With the Heart of Your Wife

• The Best Reasons to Work

• Bringing Out the Best in Your Child

• Strengthening Communication With the Woman You Love

• A New View of Work

• Resolving Conflict and Other Relational “Static”

• A Lifetime Game Plan for Raising Sons and Daughters

• Love Languages That Connect You & Your Wife

• Discovering Personality Distinctives for Yourself & Your Family

• Best Practices of Successful Men

• Developing Long-term Winning Strategies at Work & at Home