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21 Days of Prayer - 2018

Starting Sunday, Jan. 7, we’ll be praying as a church for our neighbors as part of a call to prayer by one of our partners, Converge, called 21 Days of Prayer. 

  • We ask that you pray one time a day for your neighbors and for your missional community to love and serve your neighborhood. If you don't have a missional community established yet, pray that God would work to do that. 
  • Pray that you would be empowered by God to serve and love your neighbors. Pray that God would prepare your family to serve this spring, summer, and fall, as the weather warms up. 
  • Pray for conversions and God to work through and in us to renew our neighborhoods and the St Croix Valley. 
  • If you are able, we also ask that you would fast from a meal or for a whole day a couple times during this 21 days. You can learn more about fasting in this article by Donald Whitney, "The Gospel and the Discipline of Fasting."

About Converge: Converge Great Lakes is a district office of Converge Worldwide, which is a network of nearly 1300 churches throughout the US. Converge seeks to help start and strengthen churches nationally and globally. LEARN MORE


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