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Announcements - Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pastor Tim Prince asked Kathy Seaborg a few questions about the International Friendship Program at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF). Kathy and her husband, Scott, help connect international students at UWRF with individuals and families at FCC. The following is a recap of the conversation between Pastor Prince and Kathy:

What is the International Friendship Program and why is it important for these students?

The International Friendship Program is a program sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. International students from around the world, who attend UWRF, can join if they would like to have American friends from around the area. It’s a way for the students to get to see American life beyond the college campus, since most often they do not have access to a car. Also, they get a chance to see firsthand what American life is like, not just what they see on television.

What is the most common misconception (or question you get) about the program?

I would say that most people are concerned because they think the student has to live with them. That is not how this works. The students live on the college campus. Our part is just to be friends with them, spending time with them once in a while, helping them to see what our normal lives look like. They are very interested in learning about American holidays.

We try to spend time with them about once a month. We have taken them to places, such as Como Park, the Mall of America, Willow River, and the Minnesota Science Museum, and we have also had them over to our house for meals and holiday celebrations. Or maybe they need a ride to the airport. The activities you do don’t have to be large. Just take them along on some of the things that you or your family might normally do.

How have you experienced this program being one way that you live out your faith?

A lot of Christians would really like to be able to be involved in short-term missions, but it isn’t always feasible for everyone. This is a way that people and whole families can be involved in missions without ever leaving home--God is bringing the nations to us!

How can people get involved?

Search the internet for "UWRF International Friendship Program" to sign up.


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