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Announcements - Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017


Starting next Sunday, We’ll be praying as a church for our neighbors As part of a call to prayer by one of our partners, Converge, called 21 Days of Prayer.vConverge Great Lakes is a district office of Converge Worldwide, which is a network of nearly 1300 churches throughout the US. Converge seeks to help start and strengthen churches nationally and globally. We’ll be sharing more information about 21 Days of Prayer next Sunday.


One of the ways we live out our vision To see renewed neighborhoods, is through support of the Hudson Backpack Program. Thank you, FCC, for your generosity in the way you are helping families in our community!

As part of the Hudson Backpack Program, FCC provides food and prepares backpacks for families in need at our partnering schools, Willow River Elementary and EP Rock Elementary. Many of the families have difficulty providing food for weekend meals. Backpacks filled with breakfast, lunch, and dinner items are sent home on Thursdays twice a month to assist feeding families over weekends.

If you’d like to help contribute to the backpacks this month,

  • Stop by the table in the lobby today to pick up a green bag.
  • There is a list attached to the bag that shows you what to shop for.
  • Buy the items this week and put them in the green tote bag.
  • Then, bring the tote bag back to the church next week.

Could you please also pray for the family who will receive the items that you will be placing in the tote bag? It’s important to have the tote bags returned by next Sunday!


At FCC, our mission is to make more and better disciples, and we want to follow Jesus’ example. We want to make disciples who make disciples. For the past few months, we’ve been offering workshops to help equip FCC with practical, hands-on training to live out this mission. 

The next As We Go Discipleship workshop will be held following both services in The Refuge Room next  Sunday, January 7. Two of FCC’s leaders, Josh Graham and Caleb Johnson, will lead a discussion on USING THE BIBLE IN DISCIPLESHIP. We believe that the Bible is central to teaching people to follow Jesus in all of life. So what do you do with it? How do you use the Bible in discipleship? Come and find out. The workshop is FREE and there’s no need to register!


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