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Announcements - Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019


We are excited to announce that in 2019, we will have some new courses offered on Thursday nights at Faith Community Church, including a course about life’s most important questions, called “Christianity Explored.” It is a seven-week class designed to create space for us to think through our biggest questions about Life, Meaning, Faith and Jesus. We will also be offering a new marriage class, called “Marriage on the Rock.” The “What Did you Expect” course by Paul Tripp is a prerequisite for “Marriage on the Rock.”  

For many years, Thursday evenings have been called “ALPHA Community Night” because ALPHA was the first class offered. Since Christianity Explored will be replacing ALPHA we thought this would be a good opportunity to update the name to “FCC Community Night.”

After 18 years as the ALPHA Community Night team leader, Gary Nourse will be stepping down from that role in the fall of 2019. To prepare for the transition, Rick Gimpel was invited to serve under Gary’s leadership last year. Rick will be teaching Christianity Explored this winter and then transitioning into Gary’s role this fall. (Read more about Rick and FCC Community Night in the latest FCC blog post.)

Learn more about all the courses starting in January at FCC at or at Events/Registrations on the new FCC app.


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