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Announcements - Sunday, July 16, 2017

  • FCC’s mission is to make more and better disciples of Christ. Part of living out this mission is working together with other gospel-centered churches through Converge Great Lakes to plant churches. Next week, Glenn Herschberger, the Executive Director of Church Planting with Converge Great Lakes will be here in the services. Converge Great Lakes is a district office of Converge Worldwide, which is a network of nearly 1300 churches throughout the United States. Converge seeks to help start and strengthen churches nationally and globally. Glenn is an experienced church planter, and we look forward to welcoming him to FCC next week. 
  • Two teachers from FCC's global partner, the Santisuk English School in Bangkok, Thailand, told us about how the gospel is being shared through teaching English to children and adults. They also provided information on the short-term mission opportunities to teach in the school--no teaching experience required! Teaching materials and training are provided by Santisuk. Learn more at


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