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Announcements - Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018


Our mission at Faith Community is to make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ. And we want to help you to be equipped for discipleship. If you have not had a chance to take the Biblical Counseling and Discipleship class led by Pat Stream, we encourage you to get signed up today. Class starts this Thursday, Sept. 6. Pat is one of our elders and he wants you to know that this class if for everyone. The following are three of the top three reasons to take the class:

  • #1 You Can Help Yourself
    Maybe helping others is not on your radar today; that’s okay. However, biblical counseling training can help you help yourself.
  • #2 Jesus Uses People Just Like You
    Jesus chose his 12 Disciples, and they were human and flawed, like you and me, yet the Lord used them to change the world and to proclaim the greatest message the human race has ever heard. Why not embark on a personal journey that will change your life? 
  • #3 Life is Complicated andPeople are Hurting and Lonely
    Everyone struggles at some point in life. Because we are different,our struggles may be different. You may desire to be a helper but lack the knowledge and skills to do so. Our training can help. Do not discount your desire to help others by concluding “I’m not cut out for it.” You may indeed be cut out for counseling, but simply need training.

Go to to learn more and get registered for the Biblical Counseling and Discipleship course. It starts this Thursday evening here at FCC. And the evening includes a meal and child care.


We also have two Antioch classes starting on Thursday evening. As part of our strategic plan, we desire to equip and empower more and more leaders with gospel principles for leading in the church’s mission. One important way to be equipped is by participating in ourAntioch School of Church Leadership courses.

On Thursday, we will begin two important courses for church leadership. The ActsCourse and Essentials of Sound Doctrine Course. If you have yet to take these classes, consider starting with the Acts Course this year. It will give you a great vision for the mission of the church. For those of you, who have begun the leadership courses, then it would be good to jump back in to the series with Essentials of Sound Doctrine.

To get more information and register for the Antioch courses, go to


Next Sunday, FCC’s Women’s Ministry will behosting a Meet and Greet in theRefuge Room after both services. This is for women of all ages and stages. This is a great time to see all that is available and meet the leaders from the various women’s ministries.

This is a great group of women, and they desire to come alongside you in your discipleship journey to help you take the next step and to be equipped to serve and lead as you go about everything you do each day. So, make plans to stay after the services next week to stop by and learn more. You can also go to for more information.


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