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Awana Clubs at Faith Community Church celebrate 30 years of ministry

As the new school year begins, Faith Community Church (FCC) is celebrating 30 years of offering the Awana Clubs ministry. Awana begins again at FCC on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

Awana is a fun, biblically instructive ministry for children ages three through 12. It includes Scripture memorization, biblical teaching and games. Awana Clubs meet at FCC on most Wednesdays, 6:30 to 8 p.m., from September through April. The clubs have grown over the years with approximately 350 children and 130 volunteers now participating each week.

FCC is especially excited about the newly revised curriculum that Awana has released for the Truth & Training (T&T) Club for third through sixth graders.The T&T curriculum teaches kids the truth of God's Word, trains them to follow him and to practice his grace. Awana’s ministry philosophy places the primary ministry focus on being highly scriptural and highly relational. It enables leaders to engage kids with the Bible, in the context of deepening relationships.

In the new four-year T&T curriculum series, kids explore the fundamental doctrines ofChristianity including: the character and nature of God, the structure and sequence of the Bible, the redemption narrative and key practices for followers of Jesus. T&T helps students to grow and develop as lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Through Awana, today’s children may become tomorrow’s Christian leaders in every aspect of society and culture.

“I am truly excited to celebrate 30 years of the Awana ministry at Faith Community! This will be my 14th year as an Awana leader. I am truly amazed at how easily children memorize Bible verses and recite them with clarity. The big challenge as a leader is to help kids understand what the verses mean and then live them,” said Brigitte Feia, FCC’s Director of Children’s Discipleship. “Through Awana I have seen not only children commit their lives to following Christ, but parents and families transformed by the gospel. Evidence of that is the fact that two of our main Awana leaders came to Christ as children and have devoted their adult years to leading Awana so other children can come to faith through the ministry.”

Over six decades, Awana has served churches around the world from 100 different denominations with an unwavering commitment to the gospel. The Awana ministry reaches over four million kids every week in 120 countries, giving children and youth from every background an opportunity to know, love and serve Jesus for a lifetime. Just as Awana has grown at a rapid pace at FCC, the global reach of Awana continues to grow with the goal of reaching 10 million kids with the gospel by 2020.

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