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Let your heart cheer for the Lord.

Last fall I was able to take our oldest son, Levi, to Lambeau to watch the Packers take on the 49ers on Monday night. This opportunity was delightful for several reasons. One is that this was an answer to a simple prayer request I had. Levi has always wanted to go to a pro game, and it just so happened that the last fall before he heads off to college, we were gifted tickets to go.

The other is that the game was spectacular. It was a crisp Wisconsin night. The Packers came back to win in the final moments of the game, and the brats were especially delicious. But even more than all of this, I was given fresh insight into a biblical command.

You see, because the Packers won--and I was cheering for the Pack!--I left that game feeling victorious. My heart experienced joy, and because of that win, I felt like everything was right with the world. In that moment, I was experiencing in a small scale what our hearts are made to experience when we boast in the Lord.

Our hearts are made to boast, but so easily our hearts turn to boast in ourselves, in our achievements and victories.

Boasting in our own victories and accomplishments shapes our identities, as we build our sense of self and worth on our accomplishments. But we are not made to build our identities on our own accomplishments. We are made to build our identities on Jesus and his accomplishments.

This is where we replace boasting in ourselves with boasting in the Lord. To boast in the Lord is to trust him.

It’s to build our lives on Jesus and his victory. It’s to celebrate him and his accomplishments. This is one of the reasons we sing worship songs as we gather together on Sunday morning. A worship song is a boast in Jesus. He is king, he is victorious, he is great! He has won!

Are you building your identity on your achievements? Are you telling yourself that you have worth and you have what it takes because of what you have accomplished in life? That’s boasting in yourself.

Today, turn your heart to boast in Jesus.

Turn your heart to build your identity on Jesus and his victory. Let your heart cheer for the Lord, who has already overcome.

To know more about boasting, why it’s essential and how to move from boasting in yourself to boasting in Jesus, check out this sermon.

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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