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Discipleship Through Inspiring Christian Camps

Many families plan each year to send their children to summer camps, so Faith Community Church (FCC) is providing information on several of the region's options for Christian camps. Brochures for Christian camps are provided by FCC with discipleship in mind. The camps offer children oodles of summer fun, and the camp experience may also bring them closer to becoming a disciple of Christ.

As the Director of Children’s Discipleship at Faith Community, I have had the opportunity to interact with many people who have come to faith in Christ as the result of attending a Christian summer camp. FCC’s Pastor Steve Holsteen would tell you that going to a Christian camp as a child, made the difference for him:

“I grew up in a Christian home that laid the foundation for my faith in Christ. Yet there was something unique in my camp experience that brought me to the point of committing my life to Him. Spending a week in the beauty of God’s creation with adults andpeers who loved Jesus and spoke of His impact in their lives led me to a place of decision. I’ll never forget the moment when, at a campfire under a star filled sky, I knew both my brokenness as a sinner and the tremendous freedom of trusting in Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins and the hope of eternal life. I pray that many of our children and youth at FCC will have the same opportunity!”

If you have a kindergarten to senior high-aged child, check out the information from camps starting on Sunday, Feb. 18, and choose a camp that prepares your child to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Brochures will be available to take home from a variety of Christian camps, including Camp Shamineau, Cherith, Lebanon, Nathanael and Trout Lake.

Questions? Contact Brigitte Feia at 715-386-4070 or by email.

Brigitte Feia

Director of Children's Discipleship


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