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FCC's Titus 2 Mentoring Ministry Transitions to New Leadership

Leading the T2 Ministry as director this year will be Mary Oothoudt.  Mary started attending FCC at the same time that T2 was launched and she formed some of her first connections at FCC through this ministry. The next year she obeyed the call to step up as a Mentor herself. She is a warm, joyful, and organized woman of God and we are so thankful God raised her up as the next person to lead in this area.  We know that He entrusted her with unique gifts on behalf of the body of Christ and we will enjoy watching those gifts be utilized!

Another change in the T2 ministry comes this year as our director Deb Breen has followed her husband to a new location in support of family. Deb did a beautiful job of guiding the team in response to elder initiatives and we were thankful for her service and sad to see her go. However, we know that God is expanding His kingdom and He does that through multiplication. We are looking forward to how He uses the truths He has planted in Deb to serve others.

Titus 2 is a ministry adopted from Bethlehem Baptist that has been uniquely crafted for FCC. The ministry has been functioning at FCC for the past 3 years with the purpose of creating opportunity for older women to share their faith, life experiences, and specific biblical instructions with other women. It has been beautiful to watch one generation train the next generation for godliness! It has also been beautiful to watch God raise up His women to share their lives, as mentors, and gifting, as leaders, through this ministry. The ministry leadership team has transitioned each year as we moved from creation to execution and now T2 will be moving into a support role as well within Women’s Ministry to Missional Communities. The ministry will be providing opportunity for Missional Community leaders to learn the method and support their women within the Missional Community context.  

Please pray for all our new leaders and welcome them as the next generation of image bearers takes the baton of leadership on your behalf.  We are eager to see how God will grow and serve you through these Sisters In Christ!  

First published in the fall 2017 edition of "FAITH Hudson" magazine, a publication of Faith Community Church.

Tracy McCutcheon

Faith Women's Ministry Director

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