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The sun is out, and the temps are on the rise! The kids have just 3 weeks left of school and they’ve already begun to double their requests for sleepovers, a surefire sign of the summer season rapidly approaching!

Summer 2021 is sure to be a special one as we all learn together how to best reemerge into public social life. Celebrations of “normalcy”are will erupt across the St. Croix as we rejoin activities with family and friends – many of whom we have not seen from out behind a screen in over a year! And personally, I am embracing this upcoming summer as a challenge to DO SUMMER BETTER than ever before!

Too often in the past I have grabbed my husband and kids and whisked them off to solo destinations that were designed especially for this short, glorious season. We carry armloads of gear to the beach, set up the tent in the backyard, and book a getaway for our July anniversary. A few times a summer we load up the van to skip on over to Birchwood, WI where my dad has a small cube of a cabin. The 6 of us squeeze into it for a weekend.

This year I want to do ALL OF THAT. But I also want to be intentional about staying connected with my family at FCC as I take advantage of all that summer has to offer!

This year I’m going to ask, “Who can I call up to meet me at the park?”

“Who can I text an invite to the Falls?” I’m going to buy extra burgers and invite another family to grill with us. I’m going to put an extra folding chair in the back of the van for whoever wants to cheer on my son at his flag football playoffs!

AND I’m going to post. Post my summer fun using #fccsummer21 so that all of my friends from church can be a part of my summer with me!

We can’t all be together for every event and there are still some tricky ways for COVID to be navigated.

But what I don’t want to forget this summer is that the people I go to church with care about my life – both my life at church and my life when I’m away!

And guess what? I care about them too! I want to see the camping site they tried for the first time this year! I want to see the bonfire they are telling stories around!

It all helps me to remember that our relationships are important (and that God made us to share our lives!) It inspires joy when I am reminded that I’m part of a community where my life matters! All of it – even the fun stuff!

Will you join me in STAYING CONNECTED this summer?? Invite some friends to your family experiences and SHARE snapshots of your stories using #fccsummer21.

I want to see and share it all! Let’s make summer a time when connection can grow!

Shannon Christopher

FCC Communications Manager


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