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Friday UpDate - April 30, 2021


This Sunday, we’ll explore how to begin healing the wounds of divisiveness, as we take our next step in our "Is Christ Divided?" series, and learn from 1 Corinthians 2.6-16.

We will also be celebrating baptisms, so please watch for guests and help welcome them to FCC. I am so grateful for the ways you help welcome, notice and love our guests each week!  

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We are so excited to be announcing that Shannon Christopher will be joining the Faith Community staff team as our new Communications Manager! The Communications Manager, among other responsibilities, oversees the communication of ministry information to our church and community audience. We are thrilled to have Shannon onboard as she brings her strengths with interpersonal and communication skills to our ministry team. She comes to us with 10+ years of professional experience communicating for public education through classroom teaching. You may recognize Shannon as one of our service hosts on Sunday mornings, as well as a worship team vocalist. She is joining her husband, Kevin Christopher, on staff, who is our Director of Missional Worship. Shannon and Kevin have four children they are raising together (pictured below). Shannon is excited to serve the mission and vision of FCC in this new role with all the passion and talent God has prepared her with for this time:

“Using the skills I have to help create ACCESS for people to the message of Jesus and a life of following Him is the most significant way I can think of to use my life professionally. I am so grateful for this new opportunity and can’t wait to begin the journey!”

--Shannon Christopher  

It is with warmth and enthusiasm that we welcome Shannon to the team beginning June 1!


Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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