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Friday UpDate - September 25, 2020

Hello, Faith Community! Happy Friday!

Whether you watch at home or are on campus on Sundays, you matter to us and you matter to God, and we are one church with one mission: to help everyone meet, know and follow Jesus.  

Each Sunday more people are beginning to make their return to in-person worship, and new families and friends are being invited and visiting with us. We want to provide as much seating as possible, so we can continue to offer a welcoming space for all, as we continue to meet, and as we invite friends and neighbors to Sunday morning worship. Just want to give you a heads-up, if you come on campus this Sunday, you’ll find that we’ve made some temporary adaptations to the back rows of the auditorium. We’ve added some plexiglass between a few of the seats, maximizing the amount of chairs we can safely use in these rows (Larry and Kathy give us a glimpse in the photo below).


Find the sermon and conversation guide online with the option to download and print at  and also on the app. 


Come joins us for Fall FaithKids LifeShaping for grades K-5, starting Oct. 11!  

We’ll kickoff this fall focusing on Bible stories from the book of Genesis about creation, the fall, Noah's ark, and the Tower of Babel--just to name a few--as we learn how awesome, holy, and dependable our God is!

  • Offered during both the 9am and 11am services.
  • REGISTER at or the FaithBase app.
  • Questions? Contact Brigitte Feia, Director of Children’s Discipleship at


*Loving child care workers are needed on Sunday mornings in the nurseries. The nurseries serve families with children (newborn through age 5) throughout the year. Consider helping one time, once a month, or more. If this is an area in which God has gifted you, please contact Karen Garden at 715.220.2507 or

*The Refuge Student Ministry (Middle School and High School Students) is getting ready for fall launch on Wednesday, Sept. 30. If you'd like to serve with The Refuge on Wednesdays throughout the school year, there are opportunities for small group mentors for the following:

  • 6th grade boys
  • 7th grade boys
  • 9th grade boys
  • 9th grade girls
  • 10th grade girls
  • 11th grade girls

Small group mentors are a vital part of a student's discipleship journey.  As a mentor, you are an essential partner with parents in helping students grow in their maturity in Christ. Mentors spend time developing gospel-centered relationships with students as you study the Bible, pray, hang out on Wednesday nights, and do fun events together.  For more information, please contact Ben McMullen, Director of High School Discipleship,, or Jake Pierson, Director of Middle School Discipleship, 


Find more information on each ministry, including dates, times and online registrations, at, the FaithBase app, or at the links below:

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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