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God Helps Us in our Weakness

...The Spirit helps us in our weakness.
Romans 8.26

There are days and weeks, when I feel very weak. I look at all that needs to be done, I see brokenness around me, and I see sin in my own heart. I begin to look at life with a view to my own resources for strength and endurance, and I become even more discouraged, because in myself I don't have the resources needed for all that needs to be done. Throw in a little shame to this, because it seems like life isn't supposed to be this way—there must be something wrong with me. Add to this, that I know I need to pray, but even prayer seems difficult, because I don't know what is best to pray for. 

But then I read a verse like Romans 8.26—The Spirit helps us in our weakness. Light begins to shine. “Our weakness” reminds me that it is normal for Christians to experience weakness. Paul himself is included in the “our” of “our weakness.” He didn't know what to pray at times. He knew what it was like to be overwhelmed with the brokenness of the world.

“Helps” reminds me that God is for me, that God is my helper. “Helps” reminds me that I am not to look to my own resources for strength, endurance, joy, and courage.  “Helps” reminds me that I am to look to God and his resources. This help is directed even toward prayer, because the Spirit gives us help in prayer. God knows that I am unable to know how to pray at times. And in those moments, God's Spirit prays for me, asking on my behalf, when I don't know how to pray. And God says yes to the Spirit's prayers for me.

“Spirit” reminds me that if I have the Spirit because of Jesus, I have a down payment for heaven. I already have the greatest gift. God's Spirit is dwelling in me. I am never alone. Though I may feel weak and experience weakness, the personal power (The Spirit), who raised Jesus from the dead is in me and for me.

If you feel weak today, if you are weak today, walk your heart through Romans 8.26-32. Remind your heart of all the ways God helps us in our weakness. Take into your heart all the powerful promises of our great God. We are weak, but he is mighty!

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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