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God will overcome.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.
Revelation 21.4

Back in May I went with our boys to see “Avengers Infinity War.” We all liked the previous movies in the “Avengers” series, and so my expectations were high. My expectations were also high, because when I am stressed, which I was in the spring, I like to watch movies where evil is punished and good overcomes. Though I read and watch a lot of Spiderman when I was a kid and young adult, I have no experience of the “Infinity War” storyline. I did no research about the storyline and about what to expect with “Infinity War.” I just wanted to experience the series of movies.

My first run through the movie was so depressing. I was not prepared for all the disappointment in the movie. I went to the movie wanting closure. Wanting the good guys to win, and the enemy defeated. But as I watched the movie, I kept asking myself, “Is there nothing that can stop Thanos, the great villain? Hulk can’t? Thor can’t? The resources of Wakanda can’t stop him?” I left that movie just defeated. All of the galaxy’s heroes had failed to stop the evil.

The good versus evil movies remind me that my heart longs for justice in this world. I long for wrongs to be righted; I long for good to overcome. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed wondering if there is so much evil in this world, how can there be a good God? But then another question emerges in my mind: if there isn’t a good God, why does my heart long for justice to be done?

This is the gospel reminder for today: God has promised that he will overcome the evil in this world. He will right the wrongs of this world. The strong desires we have in our hearts for justice, for a righting of wrongs, for the world to be put to rights, are not fiction. They are real and they will really be satisfied. God promises that one day, he will right the wrongs, death will be no more, evil will be overcome. He has already begun to overcome evil. Jesus’ death was the beginning of God overcoming evil and righting the world. One day, when Jesus returns, the work will be done. Until then, when life feels like “Infinity War,” and it seems like all hope is lost, remember “Infinity War”is fiction, God’s word is reality. God will overcome.

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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