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God's Joy In Creation

Delighting in the children of man.
Proverbs 8.31

Providing we don't have any more massive blizzards coming our way this spring, we will begin our new series on Proverbs this Sunday, April 22, 2018. In my preparation for this first sermon, a verse jumped out at me. In Proverbs 8, King Solomon employs personification to describe why we should seek God's wisdom and get it above everything else.

Solomon describes Wisdom as rejoicing with God as he created the world. 

Solomon says that Wisdom rejoiced before God, rejoiced in God's inhabited world, and was delighting in the children of man (Prov 8.30-31). What jumped out at me is the joy, the great joy that God had in creating the world. And the joy was a delight in humanity. God delighted in making us. God delighted in wisely, beautifully, strategically, creatively shaping and giving life to a world that we could enjoy.

This is a gospel reminder to me, because too often my heart is suspicious of God's goodness.  

Like Eve in the garden, I am tempted to believe that God is holding out on me. But the beauty, order, fruitfulness, stability of creation reminds me that God is good. This is a gospel reminder to me, because we live in the middle between the creation being created good and the new creation. In the middle of the story it is easy to see the injustice, the scarcity, the poverty, the groaning of creation. But this is only the middle. The end, which is really a new beginning, is still to come. As I live in the middle, we can see so many glimpses of the good creation that is broken, and remember that the God who delighted to make this world just right for us, will remake it. When God remakes it, it will have no more injustice, no more brokenness, and everything sad will come untrue.

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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