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Heart for the Valley Recap!

WOW! What an unprecedented year in so many ways and this being our seventh year of Heart For the Valley was no exception! Through all the unpredictability, God has continued to remain faithful in pouring out his grace upon his people. He has and still is proving himself to be our loving creator and provider.

The student service aspect of Heart for the Valley was cancelled due to Ben McMullen, our Director of High School Discipleship, testing positive for the COVID-19 virus and additional key leaders, including Jake Pierson, Director of Middle School Discipleship, needing to quarantine. In the absence of these critical leaders, we were simply unable to handle the complex logistics of this event. But thanks to a whole host of volunteers and staff, we were able to quickly create and execute on a Plan B.

We simplified our approach. Our Refuge Event Team and Refuge Mentors distributed a large Christmas ham, a dozen cookies, a $40 County Market gift card, and a $15 gas card to each of the families that signed up to receive a meal. In this way, all the money provided through the incredible generosity of our congregation was used to meet the same basic needs our original approach addressed. We are so thankful for the Refuge Event Team and Mentors who stepped in to facilitate the event!

It was a disappointment that we had to cancel the essential student-led component of this event. We are saddened that our students did not get to participate.  Nonetheless, we are thankful that FCC was able to serve our neighbors in tangible ways.

Over $18,000 was donated to Heart for the Valley to bless families this Christmas. We saw a record 218 HFTV Christmas gift packs distributed this year - that’s well over 700 individuals served! 

Thank you, FCC, for your generosity in supporting individuals and families in our community through Heart for the Valley!

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