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Humble Integrity

Last week I turned into the parking lot for a pastor’s conference in Long Beach. The lot was set up with one-way rows for travel and parking. As I started to find a spot, immediately I noticed a car coming right at me, and since it was a one-way, we didn’t have much room at all to pass one another. I immediately thought to myself, “Idiot California drivers, they can’t go down a one-way correctly.” But then I looked at the arrow on the pavement and noticed the direction of the parked cars. I realized that I’m the idiot Wisconsin driver, who can’t go down the right way.

It is so easy to be blind to our faults, and so easy to blame someone else.

Jesus knows this about us, and that is why he teaches us to do something that doesn’t come too natural to us. He teaches that when we are in a conflict with others, we need to look first at ourselves. Jesus teaches us that often times, we have a log in our own eye, while we are trying to help take a speck out of someone else’s eye. Too often, we are very aware of someone else’s faults and very unaware of our own. So Jesus says, “First take the log out of your own eye” (Matthew 7.5).

Jesus is protecting us from hypocrisy. I know I have been a hypocrite and I am tempted to hypocrisy. Please don’t take offense at this, but so are you.  

Jesus is the only person in human history who has not been a hypocrite. Because of this, he is uniquely able to help us, when we are tempted to hypocrisy.  

So, what do we do? First, remember you matter to Jesus.

He doesn’t want you or me to live hypocritical lives. The good news is that he has come to save us from hypocrisy. He died in our place for our hypocrisy, and he rose again, so we can learn to be people of humble integrity.

Next, do everything you can to get the log out of our own eye. What’s the best way to do that? First, go to Jesus.

He knows you perfectly and he loves you as you are. Ask Jesus to protect you from hypocrisy. Ask him to continue to create integrity in your life.

Then, build a relationship with someone who knows Jesus, who loves you and is able to speak the truth to you.

Invite him or her to help you get the log out.

Missional Communities are a great place to have people speak truth into our lives.

They are the core element of Faith Community’s discipleship, and we'd love to help you get connected with a Missional Community:

  • They are a place to belong, grow in becoming more like Jesus and serve.
  • They offer care and support to one another through life’s celebrations and times of need, too.
  • Within Missional Communities, smaller discipleship groups offer a place to be mentored, while studying God’s word and learning to apply it to all of life.

Watch the following video as one family shares what Missional Community means to them and see what it’s like when a Missional Community gets together.

Stop by the Connection Center after a Sunday morning service to get connected with a Missional Community or visit or the Faith Base app to learn more.

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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