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Justice is a person.

In what direction do you look when you have been treated unjustly and the pain or cost you bear is great?

Your hope or despair will be based on your worldview, how you filter life. The Bible offers a worldview that is sufficient for all of life’s ups and downs rooted in God’s faithfulness. The promise is given that God will faithfully bring about a justice that is global in its scope.  

The prophet Isaiah brought a message of judgment and hope to God’s people (Isaiah 42:1-4).

The judgment that justice demands leaves us in a less than enviable position. The Servant of Isaiah, the One who fulfills the prophecies of old, is Jesus of Nazareth. In his life, he brought justice for the oppressed. In his death, he offers mercy to the oppressor. In his resurrection, he becomes just and the justifier of all who will trust him. In his return, heaven and earth will be made one as a pervasive and eternal justice and peace will overtake this broken world. In Jesus, God is restoring all that has been lost, including the justice we are currently being denied. Justice is a person and his name is Jesus!

Larry Szyman

Pastor for Missional Life


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