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Mentoring connects generations of women at Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church’s Women’s Ministry has many ways that it strives to reach all the women within the church, no matter their age. Through Bible studies, outdoor adventures with Thrive, Latte events, and the Titus 2 mentoring program, Women’s Ministry has the potential to touch many different lives in various life stages.  

One of the goals of this ministry is to provide a culture that naturally develops these relationships. In an effort to recognize inter-generational relationships and the importance of them, women of all ages were invited to their leadership retreat earlier this year. Tracy McCutcheon, Women’s Ministry Director, was intentional to make sure that someone from each age group, from high school age through a seasoned believer, attended the leadership retreat. With the belief that each woman at FCC belongs to a greater body of believers, the women at the retreat spent their time studying Romans 12:1-5. This passage of scripture was chosen to take a closer look at how we are to grow into Christ-likeness and to better understand the process of worshipping him through obedience. Romans 12:4 & 5 says,

“For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”

“We belong to a greater body of believers. The stories and testimonies of the older generations belong tothe younger generations. And the passion and enthusiasm of the younger generations belong to the older generations,”  Tracy said.

One of the women active in Women’s Ministry is young adult Savannah Berry. When asked what it means to her to actively participate in relationships with older women at FCC she said, “I find a lot of value in connecting with women who are older than me. They have more life experience and generally are willing to share and give guidance when I ask for it. As someone whose hometown is far away, it’s nice to have another family to turn to, another community to care for and be cared for in. I’m thankful for the supportive circle of women I find myself included in at FCC.” Savannah also said that inter-generational relationships with other women at FCC help strengthen her faith. Between being discipled by a woman from the congregation and the women in her missional community, Savannah is often inspired to grow in her faith by those who have walked the path before her.

Amy Simpson is a high school student who also attended the leadership retreat. She is eager to learn life lessons from older Christ-followers.

“I think it so easy to get caught up in age differences and feel that as a teenager I am inferior. The women in our church are eager to invest in connections with youth,” Amy said. I love that the church is focused on giving people resources and opportunities to grow closer to Jesus in new ways. Connecting with women from another generation is something new to a lot of teen girls. I’m excited the Women’s Ministry doesn’t overlook us because we are teenagers.”

When asked how inter-generational relationships impact her faith, Amy expressed that she finds value in them because media and outside influences push away from Christianity. “We are so vulnerable at this age so for someone to encourage us on a regular basis has the potential to impact young people’s faith in a big way,” Amy said.

Meghan Riedl is in her 20s and is involved with the Titus 2 ministry and has found it to be a real blessing to be mentored by older women from FCC.

Meghan said, “It is somewhat challenging to know how to make the personal connections in a large group of people, but Titus 2 has been an awesome opportunity. I want to develop strong relationships with women from other generations so there is the comfort level to share about the struggles and joys of life.”

When asked how friendships with older women are valued in her faith, Meghan answered, “There is wisdom that is learned through life experiences, and I love to be able to glean that information while getting to know other women. I need that helping hand and the gift that God has given in the kindness and caring of older women to walk with me in life.”

FCC’s Women’s Ministry believes that all ages have a voice and it’s important for this ministry to be intentional that they provide what everyone needs for personal spiritual growth. Young can learn from old and vise versa. Inter-generational friendships played an important role in the early church. The Women’s Ministry is striving to embrace this biblical mission through its leadership, the events they execute, and possible future ministry programs to encourage women of different generations coming together to advance the gospel of Christ.

This article was first published in the fall 2018 edition of "Faith Hudson" magazine.

Melissa Meyer



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