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Next Generation Leaders Step into LATTE Leadership Roles

LATTE has been the flagship of Women’s Ministry here at FCC for over 10 years and stands for Ladies Achieving Togetherness Through Encouragement. God has worked through LATTE to display the hospitality of God to women in a tangible way, to bring women into fellowship at FCC, to help women grow in understanding and practice of God’s truths, and to raise up new leaders among FCC women. The leadership baton is being passed in LATTE and we are both thankful and excited.  Erin Desvousges and Sarah Sorenson have faithfully served you as co-directors of LATTE these last three years and we have been blessed by their hours of planning and service. They carried on the vision of loving women through these special events and have led a team of servant leaders on your behalf. Erin was our up front gal and Sarah was our behind the scenes servant. Please take an opportunity to thank them either online or in person if you see them around FCC!   

One of the servant leaders who served under Erin and Sarah has been Brianna Butler. She has been the one to care for tech equipment for LATTE. You have been able to listen to uplifting music, read about upcoming events on the overhead, and worship God together by reading worship slides all because Brianna was quietly working behind the scenes. She is a gifted young woman who has served humbly and well. She is very organized and responsible and it was for these many reasons that she was one person who was thought of to take on greater leadership responsibility of the ministry. The other person who came to mind was Brianna’s friend and another young servant leader Katelyn Peterson. Katelyn has led the children’s choir for a few years at FCC and had started faithfully attending LATTE events with the new generation of FCC women. Katelyn has a great knowledge of the Word and has a great heart for honoring God. She has given many hours to FaithWorks as an organizer and served as an English teacher with Santisuk School in Bangkok, Thailand, this summer. It has been our desire that all women (teen to seasoned believer) would be represented at LATTE events and we believe that the leadership of these two women is one more step in making that desire a reality.  

First published in the fall 2017 edition of "FAITH Hudson" magazine, a publication of Faith Community Church.

Tracy McCutcheon

Faith Women's Ministry Director


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