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Our Spiritual DNA

...Love one another earnestly from a pure heart,
since you have been born again...
1 Peter 1.22-23

Last Sunday, as I heard Pastor Tim Prince preaching, my heart was captured by something he said (Watch or listen to last Sunday’s sermon at From the text above he talked about how we are born again because of God's love for us. Then he made the link to how God's love is in our spiritual DNA. This is why Peter calls us to love one another earnestly. Just like so much of who we are is determined by our physical DNA, so much of who we are and what we will become is determined by our spiritual DNA. 

Because God is love, and because it is love for us that motivates God to beget us again, it is for love for one another that we are called. 

God is committed to making us into his children who love one another earnestly. What this means is when we seek to love others from a pure heart, we are aligning our lives with the purposes of God. God is with us and for us, as we seek to love others. To me that is so inspiring. I can learn how to love as God has loved me. All of heaven is with me, when I make this my goal in my relationships.

Also, this shows me where to get the softness of heart to love others well. To soften or awaken my love for others, I don't just remember the commands, or that God is with me. I also regularly remember God's love for me and the lengths to which he went to save me. We belong to God, and we have the gracious privilege of calling him Father, because Jesus spilled his precious blood. Because Jesus died for me, for us, we are born again. Remarkable!

So, as we mature as God's daughters and sons, the way to increase our love for one another is to increase the amount of time and energy we invest in knowing and delighting in God's love for us, and what he has done to secure our relationship with him.

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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