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Prince of Peace

Isaiah chapter 9 is an encouraging chapter that has good news for all of us.

No matter what kind of darkness or hardship you are facing in your life, there is truth found in this passage about Jesus as “the one who brings us true and perfect peace” AND as “the one who fights on our behalf” to bring peace where there is none.

The kingdom of darkness takes a lot of forms in our lives, and the good news of this passage for YOU today is that “this darkness you face will not last forever.”

Do you long for peace from the battles that you fight every single day? Do you long for peace for those members of our society who have it far worse than most of us do? Don’t we all just want a real, lasting peace?  

This is one of the great things about Christmas time—we get to talk about the great light (spoiler alert, it’s Jesus) who came to this world. For many of us, especially when we were growing up, Christmas time was so full of wonder and joy. The lights, the stories, the gifts, the food, the family—this is the time that we get to think about the kind of world God promised us.  

But you might be wondering, if Jesus came and defeated darkness, why is there still so much darkness in our lives?

You may ask, why doesn’t God simply zap us with peace and just take the wars away? Wouldn’t that be easier? But, like a child with a parent who loves them (and doesn’t always give them instant relief from everything that is hard), Jesus is teaching us to trust his bigger plan.

On the path to bringing peace to your life and the world around you, here are the two ways that have to work together to bring peace to our lives…

1. Choose to Trust His Finished Peace.

The peace Jesus offers is complete. He finished it by dying for you and defeating death by rising from the dead. He’s already won the ultimate battle, and he’s won it for you. Trust that it is complete and total in your battles as well.

2. Choose to Face the Darkness.

Engage in the battle, just like Jesus did. This means speaking truth when it’s hard or unpopular. It means addressing the darkness in our own hearts—the things we try to hide or protect. It means spending time with those who have seen darkness in their lives and having compassion on them, and getting involved in being a change agent in their life.  

How are people going to learn about this incredible kingdom of everlasting Peace without Jesus? Are people going to know about everlasting peace just because we believe it will come someday? No! We must be the physical representation of the Kingdom of Peace on earth here and now. There is a Kingdom of peace living inside of every one of us who follow Jesus. Because Jesus IS peace—our Prince of Peace.

Kevin Christopher

Director of Missional Worship


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