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Resting in the Midst of the Storm

Even the wind and sea obey him?
Mark 4.41

Sometimes I feel like everything in life is falling apart. I can get extremely stressed, and anxious, and I feel all alone, and God is distant, absent, silent. I call out with the disciples,as they are in the boat with Jesus as a great storm is threatening to destroy them and Jesus is sleeping, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing”(Mark 4.38)?

I have often wondered why Jesus intentionally brought the disciples out on the boat and let them endure the storm and to see Jesus sleeping. How is this building their faith? As I’ve walked with Jesus now for a few decades, I am getting more and more of an understanding of why.

Why? Because there are times in our lives, when it seems like God is asleep and doesn’t care that we are perishing. But though circumstances make it seem like the storms of life will overtake us, God will calm the storm exactly when he means to. God refuses to be rushed and refuses to be hurried. In the stormy circumstances, he wants us to take our eyes off of the circumstances, see him, and rest our hearts securely in him. In Mark 4, Jesus shows that he is more than able to calm the storm. The wind and sea obey the voice of Jesus. If the storm is raging, it isn’t because he doesn’t care, but because he is calling out trust from our hearts in the midst of the storm. He is showing us our hearts can rest in his goodness, just asJesus slept in the boat.

May our hearts rest in the midst of the storm, as we see Jesus, who can speak to the storm and bring about peace, but is waiting to do so until he sees fit.

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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