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SERVE India ePray newsletter | March 2020

Dear praying friends,

We are so thankful that we had another safe and wonderful trip to India with the team this year. Thank you so much for praying. We know it made a difference!  We hope to share thoughts from the team in the next few months so you can hear from them and get their perspectives on what the Lord is doing there. :)

This year I was able to stay a few weeks longer than the team and be around as we had a friend from southern Wisconsin visit for a few weeks. We visited 3 areas while he was with us and were able to encourage and train workers through a 1- or 2-day conference in each place. The workers were so happy and thankful for the time we spent and for all that they learned. As always, I feel that we were more encouraged than they were, just to see their hearts and enthusiasm for what they are doing, and to hear their stories! Please thank the Lord for them and their incredible lives of obedience, even at great cost, and please keep praying for all of these workers and their communities, for the challenges they face, and for the Lord to continue to meet their needs. Thank you!

It is always a challenge to try and share all of our experiences with you… we wish that you all could just come and visit for yourselves one day!  

One other highlight of the trip for me this year, besides visiting with our workers for those conferences, was when we were able to visit the leprosy colony in our city and spend the whole day with them. We have visited them every year since they have moved to the city, but it always seemed that they had to be quick visits. This year we had time to spend just sitting with them, and it was really wonderful! We brought food for the whole community and sat while they cooked it, sharing some small toys, like balls, and little matchbox cars, and a big highlight, bubbles! All the kids (& adults) really enjoyed playing! It is amazing how much we feel like we have talked and heard their stories and shared our own when we do not speak each other’s language! But somehow, playing, and watching, and laughing together, seeing their families interact with each other, somehow, we feel that we have shared a little of our lives with each other.

We did actually hear a few of their stories, as John translated as they explained to the doctor while he was cleaning and treating their wounds, or other ailments. Please pray for their needs, so many challenges, dealing with the effects of leprosy on their physical bodies, but also emotionally, as the society yet rejects them. We are soooo thankful that most of them in that community do have the Truth and therefore have Hope and deep joy! We are so thankful for their friendship!

We are so thankful for your friendship, too! Thank you, again, for praying! We will have an opportunity to share more with you when John returns and we have our annual SERVE India Appreciation Dinner.

We are not sure when John will be returning at this time… he is attending to office work in many different areas of the work, which is always so unpredictable!!  Please continue to pray for him as he travels to these areas and meets with different offices, that the Lord would go ahead and make it productive so he can successfully finish all of that work.

Thank you, once again, for caring and praying for us and the work of SERVE India. We truly could not do what we do without you doing what you do!

Many blessings! Much love, The Nanda’s :)

Terri Nanda

SERVE India Leader


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