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SERVE India ePray newsletter | May 2020

Hello friends!

We hope you are all keeping well! It is such an interesting time! Thankfully, we can hold tight to all we know to be true of our Father and feel secure because He never changes. He is trustworthy, and, faithful to keep His promises. I am sooooo thankful we belong to Him! :)

John is still in India, safe from sickness and safe from a giant gas leak that happened in a factory in our city.

It happened a few days ago with many people injured and so far 11 have died. Please pray for all those suffering from illness and injury, that their needs would be met and that it would be an opportunity for them to reach out and find comfort and healing from the Lord.

John remains with our family friends in the same city as our Training Center. Since the Training Center is a little distance from the city, he has been able to do some work there without violating restrictions. He hired a few workers who are able to work a safe distance apart from each other, so it has been okay so far.

The challenge now is that all of the scaffolding support system, which we rented by the week, is in place to pour the cement roof slab, but the trucks that were bringing the supplies for the cement have been stopped and blocked from proceeding.

Ohhhhh!  Please pray for the trucks with the cement supplies to be released to make their deliveries soon! And for the workers to be able to continue their work safely without any disruption from the ‘COVID police’. John will come to the U.S. if he can, once the roof work is completed, so that is another reason to pray! :)

Actually, before John leaves, he also wants to be able to deliver the rice we have ready to give, along with other supplies, to all the dear ones who are in desperate need right now. Please pray for all those suffering without their basic needs, including some of our own SERVE India workers! And that John will be able to meet with them soon.

Thank you for also continuing to pray for our AllNations community. There are a handful of students still around and we are trying to be as much a family to them as we can be in these days. We still do not know for sure what the Fall semester will look like so we are just praying and trusting the Lord and watching for what He is going to do.

As we asked last month, please pray for the students who are still here, especially for those who have depended on university jobs for their basic living (their student visa does not allow them to work anywhere else, so this is difficult for them) that they would come to know the comfort, love and provision of our Father in this difficult time.

Please also pray for wisdom for us and our leadership teams here and in India as we all live and make decisions through these next few months.

Thank you, again, for caring and praying for us and the work of SERVE India and AllNations. We truly could not do what we do without you! We are praying for you, too!

Love, The Nandas :)

Terri Nanda

SERVE India Leader


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