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SERVE India ePray newsletter | October 2019

Hello friends!

I don’t have too much of an update from John this month because I have not been able to talk with him except one time briefly since he returned to India from Uganda. I know that he had much on his list of things to do so please continue to pray for all that he is working on!

One thing that I learned from our phone call before we got cut off was that John was not actually able to get things started with our new clinic manager before he left for Uganda, so they will be working on that in this next week. Please pray for the new clinic manager and his family as they adjust to this new position. Also, one of the doctors that was volunteering at one of the clinics has begun work in another city, so he is not able to continue at our clinic. Please pray for a doctor to step up to meet this need to serve the people in that area. Thank you!

We are excited that one of the team members planning to go on the team trip this next January is a medical doctor. We hope that his visit will also help to serve the people in the areas where we have the clinics set up now and that it will encourage the work of the clinics so they have a greater outreach. Please pray for our team as we are beginning to prepare for the trip and for all the details as we are making plans.

Thank you so much for praying for the international students and for our Welcome Party! The weather cleared up just enough and just in time for us to continue with our plan for giving boat rides on the river, which is such a highlight for the students. We had 80 people! and they were enjoying the time so much that we had a hard time getting volunteers to fill the cars to go back a little early because a few students had to go to work! Yay! :)

Thank you, again, for praying, because it makes all the difference!!

Please pray for the leadership team at the AllNations House, we could really use more U.S. students to help, especially young men. Please continue to pray for wonderful, deep relationships to develop and grow with many international students.

We are so grateful to have you as partners with us in all we do through your prayer and care for us and the work in India and for the AllNations House. We truly could not do what we are doing without your partnership. Thank you so much! :)

Many blessings, Love, The Nanda's :)

Terri Nanda

SERVE India Leader


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