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SERVE India ePray newsletter | October 2020

HI All!

Just a few updates this month…

  • We have a ticket purchased for John’s return early next month!!! Please pray that all that needs to be accomplished will be finished up so he can actually come! :)  And, that he stays healthy!
  • There needs to be a tile roof built over the cement work that they finished. Please pray for all to go smoothly with the completion of the tile roof and that all the workers stay healthy.
  • There is one or possibly two families moving to the Training Center. Please praise the Lord for providing these families to live at and maintain the Training Center. Please pray for these families as they transition to this new situation, for loving cooperation and sharing of responsibilities.
  • The numbers of positive COVID cases in India remain very high. Our area of India remains highly affected, although it does seem to be less intense. Please praise the Lord that we still have not heard of any of our Workers being affected so far! Although, John did lose his Aunt and our neighbor friend to COVID. Please pray for all the families near and far who are grieving so many losses from the effects of COVID. Please thank the Lord and pray for the continued health of John and our Workers and their communities.
  • The AllNations House continues to love & serve international students. Although the number of students is soooooo small compared to usual, we are sooooo grateful for those who are with us! Also, many of us still connect with students who are back in their home countries, which is one silver lining of COVID! Please pray for meaningful interactions and for wisdom for how to continue on, especially as the weather gets colder. Please also keep praying for more U.S. student team members to join us and for this time to be a special time of investing more deeply.

We can only do what we do because you are with us in our Lord’s work! We are so grateful for you! Thank you for your prayer and care for us and for all those we love & serve!

His joy, much love!  The Nanda’s :)

Terri Nanda

SERVE India Leader


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