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Serving our Neighbors

Thank you for the many ways you are serving our neighbors across the St. Croix Valley! We’ve put together some resources to help you reach out to the people you know.

  • You can copy and paste the following wording for a text, email or social media post. You could even put it into a written letter.  
  • We’re attaching a card that you can print out at home to share with neighbors.  
  • We’re also attaching a graphic that you can download and share with a text or through social media.

Thanks for serving your neighbors!

Photo by: Doug Weiler

WORDING for a text, email, letter or social media.

Just copy and paste this into a text, email or social media post:  

Hey, Neighbor!

I’m a part of Faith Community Church in Hudson, WI, and we love the St. Croix Valley! We want to offer some help to you.  

 Do you need any of the following?  

  • Daily check-in’s through text or email  
  • Urgent errands  
  • Grocery runs  
  • Mail/package pick-up  
  • Technology help  
  • Anything else?  

 As your neighbor, I’d love to serve you. I’ll be sure to protect you by staying at least 6 feet away and leaving any items on your doorstep. Please send me a direct message or you can go to our church website, Click “Contact” at the bottom of the home page and let us know how we can help. You can also call the church at (715) 386-4070 (be sure to leave a voicemail!).  

Would you please help us to help as many people as possible? Please pass this along! We’re here to help! Thank you!

HOW CAN I HELP? - CARD (to download and print)

HOW CAN I HELP? - GRAPHIC (to share through a text or social media)


The church has a great opportunity to display her beauty in this season. The frontlines of this challenge are those who serve in medicine, Emergency Medical Services(EMS) and law enforcement. Because they play such a significant part in our shared welfare, FCC is seeking to come alongside them in this season. Many are or will be working long and stress-filled days only to come home to children who need help with schooling. We want to avoid the need for them to go grocery shopping and other task so that they are less at risk and they may continue to serve.

We are seeking to facilitate a group of people willing to go shopping, pick up dry cleaning or whatever other tasks may be of help to them in this season. This will be offered to all who live or work in the 54016 zip code. This is how it will work.

  • FCC will communicate with health care providers, EMS and law force personnel. They will be asked to submit a request (with their contact info) through a link provided.
  • FCC will coordinate a FCC volunteer with the front-line personnel who expressed a need.
  • Volunteers will contact the front-liner, meet the need, allowing them to continue in service for the benefit of all. It will be up to the volunteer and front liner to deal with specifics, such as where to shop, how to get reimbursed for purchases (Venmo and other apps make this easy and safe), etc.

While not an expectation, it would seem ideal that one person/family could continue in a relationship with the front liner throughout this season.

Would you consider helping those who are helping us all? Here is how to move forward. Click on this link, fill out the form that asks for your contact info and in the box provided, share how you are willing to serve. When a need it seems you can meet arises, Chris Naujok from FCC will contact you to see if you are willing to take it on and then you will take it from there.

Thank you for your consideration as we seek to renew the valley. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Pastor for Missional Life Larry Szyman, at or 715-760-0984.


The Hudson Backpack is now looking for volunteers to help with packing and transporting food. Learn more and sign up to volunteer at this link.



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