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Six Suggestions for Practicing the Rhythm of Sabbath Rest

“Come to me,” Jesus said, “and you will find rest for your souls.” This kind “soul rest” is ours to experience 24/7.

Remember, even when he was working, Jesus was resting in the love of his Father. We are invited to do the same thing, all day, every day. Practicing a rhythm of Sabbath (a specific time of rest, dedicated to the Lord), will make resting throughout the rest of the week even easier. When we say “yes” to rest once a week and experience God’s provision, it becomes easier and easier to experience rest in our souls throughout the week.

Here are some suggestions for making the most out of your Sabbath rhythm:

  1. Create a specific plan for you and your household. Typically, Sabbath is practiced for 24 contiguous hours. When will you and your family rest? For how long?
  2. Read and Pray. A day of rest is a great opportunity to give some good time to just reading and spending time with God. We don’t often get long stretches of reading time. In our house, we sometimes tell our kids that mom and dad are going to read for an hour and don’t bug us!
  3. Reflect. Spending even 20 minutes writing down all of the ways that you saw God act faithfully in the last week is one of the best practices for cultivating a grateful and restful heart.
  4. Play. Do what you love to do best. When I was younger this was playing sports with my friends. Today its walking with my wife and wrestling with my boys. Enjoy the fact that you have a body that works and use it!
  5. Eat. Throw stuff in a crock-pot so you won’t have to work hard at it and eat on paper plates so you won’t have dishes, but eat heartily and invite friends to join you! Food is the great community builder. Take your time and enjoy a nice, long meal together.
  6. Gather with the church.

For more on the practice of Sabbath, check out “The Art of Rest” by Adam Mabry.

Tim Prince

Pastor of Missional Community


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