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Speeding Up and Slowing Down - Trip #4!

I’ve got two days of teaching under my belt and things are progressing quite well. We are seeking to equip these leaders on how to rightly interpret gospels by working through various texts in Mark. I did struggle some yesterday and when I was asked how I did, I volunteered my assessment of a C+. I have two Ugandans I am working with who are being developed to be part of a team that will result in six leaders ready to continue the work when we are done in (God willing) in May of 2022. We refer to them as Lead Trainers (LT). When I asked one of them how I could improve Monday night, he told me to slow down as they haven’t gotten used to my accent again yet.  

On Tuesday morning, I started by admitting that I had struggled on Monday and was looking for input on how to improve. I only got one request and that was by my other LT who encouraged me to talk faster! We got through today quite well (I must have taught at just the right speed) and I’d give myself a B+. I believe the trainees were really grasping things and we not merely understanding, but I saw some hearts coming alive. It is such a gift to be so well resourced and share what I have learned and been exposed to with hungry leaders.

Tomorrow our LT’s will be teaching the whole day. We came early to spend time training them for their part and they are voicing not only eagerness, but a sense that they know what they are doing. They have had their materials since before COVID hit. My job will be to take notes and give input during every break to help them improve. I will return to teaching on Thursday. We are weaning them into greater leadership roles so that when we complete this initiative from our end on May of 22 (God willing), they are able to run with it, having had enough teaching under their belt to move forward without us.

To equip leaders from eight people groups is a privilege I never imagined I would have. Thank you for making this possible!

As we are winding down the evening, a mild thunderstorm has hit. It’s a beautiful thing to see lightning across the dark Ugandan sky. Not so beautiful now…it is storming hard and our rooms have leaks around the windows! Still worth it.

Larry Szyman

Pastor for Missional Life


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