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Spring brings a new season for FCC's Women's Ministry leadership

Spring is the time of year that Faith Community Church’s Women’s Ministries review God’s work from the previous year and begin through prayer to plan the next year's focus. It is also at this time that new leaders are called and handed the baton. This is such a sweet time to see how a culture of discipleship is truly meant to work. We, as the body of Christ, are not here just to wait for Christ’s return (which we are doing), but we are here to participate in God’s plan of equipping the next generation of leaders to provide for the growth and continuance of His church. It is always a joy for me to see this actually take place because it means that we are a healthy dynamic body!  

Introducing FCC’s New Women’s Ministry Leaders

I am excited to share with you that Women’s Ministry (WM) will have a team of three leading the WM Director position.  

It has been a privilege of mine to serve on the WM leadership team these past 10 years, and as the WM Director the last four. I have grown in my understanding of God’s design for his body, have been in the front row witnessing God’s work, and have been challenged to grow in my personal walk with him. The WM team has been an incredible team of women serving God under the headship of FCC, and they have been a beautiful example to the body of Christ and to me. I will truly miss being a part of that leadership team!! I will however continue to be around. This move will allow me more time with my Missional Community women, my grandchildren and aging parents, and for biblical counseling and discipleship.  

Jill Willeke (photo courtesy Jill Willeke)

Jill Willeke will be your new WM Director leading the team.

Her role will be to coordinate with the guidance of the FCC Elders and to help the overall team translate that into practice. Jill has served as a missionary abroad, is a Missional Community leader, and has participated in some of the WM ministries, so she has practiced many of the initiatives that we have been implementing. Jill has a great love for God, which created a desire to make him known. She has a lifetime of experiences that will be a benefit to all of you women. Jill is also just finishing her master’s degree in Organizational Management, so she will bring another skill set along with her.

Diana deVries (photo courtesy Diana deVries)

Diana deVries will be overseeing the discipleship portion of the WM team.

Since FCC has been seeking to create a culture of discipleship, WM has been practicing this from the top down. Diana is a biblical counselor and is in the process of getting her certification and degree. I have had the privilege of praying regularly with Diana on behalf of the WM leaders and have witnessed her heart to follow Christ and to help others know Him well. She has been a personal blessing to me and will be a blessing to you.

Shelley Thomas (photo courtesy Shelley Thomas)

Shelley Thomas will be overseeing the administrative aspect of the ministry.

She will be the liaison between the FCC staff and the team leaders in regards to all things administrative. Part of that is a project to move all ministry materials and tools onto the FCC home site. If you knew how much material and logistics that included, you would all be sending her thank you notes. Communication and coordination is always a challenge with larger organizations, and Shelley is an organized individual who can help make it all happen.

LATTE Leadership

Katelyn Peterson and Brianna Butler have been your LATTE directors for the past three years and are also passing the baton on this year. I can’t believe that three years have passed already. They have worked hard to make sure women felt loved at the events and have brought some new ideas to the team. Please take time to thank them for their service and pray for the next phase of their walk with God. Communication has started with potential leaders but nothing has been finalized yet. Please pray for the new team as it is formed.  

Titus 2

The Titus 2 mentoring ministry has been a very fruitful ministry and is also in transition. The ministry is built upon the mandates given to the leaders in the church as written by Paul to Titus. FCC WM studied the mandates to understand their purpose and format and the Titus 2 ministry was formed (around the same time that Missional Communities were formed) in order to carry those mandates out. It was always the goal to see these mandates carried out organically within Missional Communities but the ministry was formed to help jumpstart the ideas. For 2020, Titus 2 has transitioned to a resource role. It exists to assist MC leaders learn and implement the mandates. The schedule of ministry has also shifted to follow the rest of the WM calendars, which is a September launch cycle. Please keep an eye out for more information. If you would like more information for your Missional Community you can write to

And, what about you? How has your walk grown and how have your gifts been sharpened in service to our good God?

FCC has been working hard to create a culture of discipleship. I would like to encourage all women to pray on behalf of the WM leadership teams, and to prayerfully consider: Is now the time for you to enter in to new avenues of growth? We would like to see you continue to grow. All the teams will need women to do anything from simple service (that’s how I started 13 years ago) setting up, decorating, preparing food, to more involved service of being table hostesses, helping with administrative items, prayer… etc. Please pray and if you feel so led send a note to with questions or thoughts on readiness.

God bless you all! I am continuing to pray for you and will be cheering you all on in your walk of faith. We serve such a beautiful God, and it is such an honor to serve under His care. I will see you around at WM events and look forward to hearing about your stories of growth!

In thankful service and your sister in Christ,

Tracy McCutcheon

Tracy McCutcheon

Faith Women's Ministry Director


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