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Support for the Twin Cities

Our hearts break over all the pain and turmoil that have taken place recently in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and we are actively looking for partners that can help us impact the needs that exist. Pastor Larry Szyman has been meeting with pastors in the Twin Cities to learn more about how we can help. There are many immediate relief needs that are being met, and we are so grateful! But there will be long term needs, as well. And so we want to help resource churches in the neighborhoods with time and financial gifts, so that the gospel works its way into building beautiful neighborhoods that to God’s glory look more and more like the kingdom of God. Here are a couple of options, and we hope to bring you more in the future:

  • Minneapolis Rebuild Relief Fund – Converge North Central
  • Two of our Hudson neighbors, Tyler Pelton and his wife, have seen some significant, unaddressed needs on the north side of Minneapolis where they both work. Tyler reached out to FCC, and we are happy to partner with him to be of help! They will be back this weekend from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, June 13, and 11am to 2pm on Sunday, June 14, with a van in the FCC parking lot to receive donated goods, which he will then deliver. And, thank you to all of you who donated items last weekend! Items needed include: 

          -hand sanitizer
          -shampoo/ conditioner for people of color
          -bars of soap
          -laundry detergent
          -baby wipes
          -feminine products
          -non-perishable food (preferably not canned goods)
          -bottled water
          -first aid supplies (bandaids for dark skin colors if available)
          -travel size toiletries
          -new underwear, socks, white t-shirts
          -flip flops



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