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The Final Edition - Trip #4!

It’s late Monday afternoon and I was able to work some today without crashing. Jet lag is a funny thing; sometimes it’s not a big deal and other times I get clobbered. I’ve been home for over 24 hours and as I close this round of updates, there are two things I want to make you aware of: God’s activity in Uganda and His activity here.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, northern Uganda not only had COVID to deal with in the last year and a half, they also had a locust infestation and the most significant flooding in decades. Four Corners Ministries, our Ugandan partners, went to one of the towns impacted by the flood and provided two weeks of food for 650 families. They also gave each family a tarp and jerry cans so they could go to a local well to secure clean water. It’s ironic that at a time when water abounds, clean water is scarce. 

They noticed in this town that there were four churches: one catholic and three mosques. Having seen the need, one of our pastors has planted a church in this town on the heels of these acts of mercy. When I say “our pastors”, I mean one that is attending our training. They belong to the church in Uganda, and we are supporting them. I am amazed that in a time when many are shrinking back and merely trying to survive, William reached out and a church in its infancy now exists. We trust the remaining trips to Uganda will serve him and the people of this town well. There were also two other churches planted during the sixteen months between our visits.

I believe that acts of mercy will be a crucial element in advancing the gospel in Uganda and America in the future. Our neighbors aren’t looking for religion. They want new life-some just aren’t in touch with it yet. People won’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.

So how is God moving among His people here? We joined together in a Vision for the Valley in which four sister churches and FCC got together to fund and send church leaders on these trips. We are seeing fruit! Thank you for your generosity in helping make this happen. Thank you for allowing me to make these ventures. Thank you, hospitality team, for shining in my absence; especially two couples (Schoonovers and Karls) who carried my load well. For all you who continue to pray for these pastors and myself, thank you. You are partners in all of this. The Bridge Bible Church in Somerset, Faith Community in New Richmond, The Village Church in Baldwin and The River in River Falls along with Four Corners Ministries in Uganda, and also around forty pastors are together partnering in this incredible act of gospel collaboration. May God strengthen and start new churches for decades to come in the people groups represented in these pastors. I am humbled to work with them…and you. I love you all.

One of our trainees leads a church in this building

Larry Szyman

Pastor for Missional Life


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