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The Reality of Sin


Against you, you only, have I sinned
Psalms 51.4

When I was younger, I would either be really sneaky when I did something wrong, or I would avoid it simply because I didn’t want to get caught.

I had been in trouble, and I didn’t like being in trouble, so I avoided getting caught and getting into trouble. For the longest time, I sorta looked at sin this way. Sin was getting in trouble with God. It was breaking his rules. If I sinned, I would get in trouble with God. This somewhat helped me do battle with my sin.

But things changed dramatically for me, when I was awakened to the reality that sin is not just breaking God’s rules (though it is breaking his rules), it is breaking his heart.

King David gives us a glimpse at this in this psalm of confession. He looks at all the evil he had done. Adultery, coverup, manipulating the death of a trusted leader, and betraying his role as protector of Israel. He looks at all of this, and it comes to home that in all of his sin, his sin was chiefly against God, and in sinning against God, he was breaking God’s heart. He was sinning against a holy and loving God. He was sinning against the God who had made him king. He was sinning against the God who had delivered him from all kinds of trouble. He was sinning against the God who only desired good for him.

As we learn from Psalm 51 on how to repent and be reconciled to God, David models for us a highly relational understanding to our sin. Our sin is not just breaking the rules, our sin is not just getting in trouble.

Our sin does not just give us consequences we would rather not have.  Our sin is a personal offense against our creator God who loves us, only desires good for us, gives us every gift that we enjoy. To add to this, the God against whom we sin, is the God who has sent Jesus to take the burden of our sin on himself. It is because of him that we can be made clean. When these truths start to take hold of our hearts, we have a mighty power in the fight against sin. Why would we sin against a God who love us like this?

As we continue to learn to fight against sin in our lives, may we continue to repent and seek forgiveness as God continues to remind you of his goodness, of his grace, of his love for you, so that you can increasingly turn away from sin because God is so good to you.

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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