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TheUpDate Weekly Newsletter - Aug. 29, 2018

Happy Wednesday, FCC! Woo hoo! We had a great time last Sunday celebrating baptisms. Let’s thank God for these steps of obedience. It’s almost Sunday again when we get to gather together to worship and encourage one another. Can’t wait to be with you all. Until then, here are some updates!


An aspect of our strategic plan for a culture of discipleship with an evangelistic ethos is to bring gospel resources to our church and community to give hope in grief and empower change in the midst of struggle. Toward that end, we would love to equip as many people as possible for biblical counseling. Starting on Thursday, Sept 6, you can be equipped in biblical counseling. Please prayerfully consider being trained in Biblical Counseling.

BIBLICAL COUNSELING AND DISCIPLESHIP - SEPT. 6 TO DEC. 20 | 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. (Child care available.)

The class is led by FCC Elder Pat Stream with class time divided between a large group viewing of a recorded teaching lesson,then smaller group breakouts for discussion. Homework is assigned between sessions. Learn more and register online at QUESTIONS? Contact Pat Stream at


Having been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through faith in the powerful working of God, who raised him from the dead.
Colossians 2.12

Eternal life. Jesus offers us, promises us, eternal life. He died to give us eternal life. Much of our talk of eternal life focuses on the future. We tend to think of eternal life as beginning when we die or at the resurrection in the last day. The Bible talks this way as well. But it also talks about eternal life, or resurrection life, as a power operating in us right here and now.

That’s the emphasis of what Paul is talking about in Colossians 2.12. He is talking to Christians, and he reminds them of what their baptism means for them (Just like in other countries today, in the early church the first step of following Jesus was baptism, so baptism was a way of talking about conversion). Their baptism reminds them that belonging to Jesus means that we have already died, and we have already been raised to new life. In other words, in conversion to Jesus,we die to our old way of living, we die to patterns of sin, we die to insecurities, we die to old thought patterns based on lies, we die to living for idols. But we’re not just dead; we are right now alive. We are also raised right now. We have already experienced the power of God, changing our hearts,and making us alive to him, to obedience, to truth, to love, to security, to sacrificial living.

What is God calling you to change today? In what way is he calling you to look more like Jesus?  He is calling you to change,because he has raised you from the deadly life of sin. He has given you hisSpirit, who raised Jesus from the dead. He has given you the power to change by death and resurrection. How will you walk in newness of life today? How will you live out eternal life today?


This Sunday we will begin a new series on the Old Testament books of Ruth and Esther. These two books are very powerful in reminding us, that though God seems hidden, he is never absent. Both Ruth and Esther highlight the courageous loyalty of two heroic women during times when God seems hidden. These two books highlight the steadfast love of God in the midst of dark times. Ruth and Esther are wonderful heroines, who point to Jesus, embolden courage, and give us examples of loving others more than ourselves. I can’t wait to walk through these two books with you and learn from these courageous women! May God increase our courage and loyalty to him and one another as we remember God’s great steadfast love!

This Sunday, we will learn from the book of Ruth, starting with chapter one. In this chapter, we read of the tragic story of Naomi—a woman confused about God, confused about love and a victim of painful circumstances. She feels abandoned by God, but returns to him hoping fora little relief in her pain. But God has so much more in store for her. God is going to show her how great his steadfast love is for her.


Is there a friend or neighbor you’ve been thinking about inviting to a Sunday morning service? A new sermon series is a great opportunity to extend an invitation. Would you consider sharing the link below through text, email or social media to help spread the word about the new series and invite a friend to come to worship services this weekend? Thank you!


The FCC Office will be closed on Monday, Sept. 3, for the Labor Day holiday.


As an aspect of our strategic plan, we desire to equip and empower more and more leaders with gospel principles for leading in the church’s mission. One important way to be equipped is by participating in our Antioch School ofChurch Leadership courses. On Thursday, Sept 6, we will begin two important courses for church leadership. The Acts Course and Essentials of Sound DoctrineCourse. If you have yet to take these classes, I highly recommend starting with the Acts Course this year. It will give you a great vision for the mission of the church. For those of you, who have begun the leadership courses, then it would be good to jump back in to the series with Essentials of Sound Doctrine.

You can register here for the Acts Class.  

For Essentials, you can register here.


One of the initiatives from our strategic plan is to multiply disciples of Jesus Christ through extension. Our goal with this initiative is local and cross-cultural church planting based on discipleship principles and practices. Over the next five years, by God's power and kindess:

  • We desire to see a Spanish-speaking church led by a culturally relevant Spanish-speaking pastor planted in St. Croix County for the 2,500 people in the area for whom Spanish is their primary language.
  • We desire to return for an additional three-year commitment of training pastors in Uganda, who will not only plant churches, but be trained to participate in and carry on future trainings on their own. This will (God willing) result in an indigenously led, disciple making, church planting movement, not only with the Acholi people of northern Uganda, but beyond.
  • A third, yet to be identified initiative, is hoped to be unveiled and take place in the next five years.

Please make checks out to FCC and put Vision for the Valley or VFV in the memo section. You may also give online at fcchudson.comTHANK YOU!

LEARN ABOUT FCC events and registrations at

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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