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TheUpDate Weekly Newsletter - February 13, 2019

Woo hoo, happy Polar-Votex, winter wonderlandWednesday! I can’t wait to get out to Willow River and ski the trails. But even more, I can’t wait to gather together with you all on Sunday and worship God together. Remember, Jesus told us that God is seeking people who will worship him in Spirit and truth. Pay attention to what God is doing in the lives around you, and do what you can to help others meet, know, and follow Jesus. That might be an invitation to coffee, a dinner, to a Bible study, or to a worship gathering.


  • Gospel Reminder: A Place of Rest
  • Sunday’s sermon:Every human heart desires…love.
  • This week’s Bible memory verse
  • We’re hiring – communications and administration assistant


by Pastor Larry Szyman

Part of the good news of the gospel (there is so much that we will spend the rest of our lives unpacking it!) is that it offers a place of rest for a heart in search of acceptance and belonging. My life has had a number of climactic moments where I found myself on the outside of groups or in relationships to people I desperately sought acceptance from. The quest became: how do I move from excluded to included, from the outside to belonging?

I have discovered that an intervention of another is the difference in moving to belonging. In ChristI am accepted by God because of Christ’s intervening work on the cross, not only forgiving my sin, but providing an identity that withstands the ups and downs of life. Because Jesus intervened, I not only belong to the Father, but I belong to His people, the Church. I belong to God and His people; today and forever.

When my heart strays andI find myself laboring under the pressure of performance-based belonging, I remind myself that the pressure is off, I belong, my heart is at home.

See the link below to listen or watch Pastor Larry's sermon, "Belonging."


This Thursday we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. And this Sunday, I will be teaching about how Every Human Heart desires to be loved. We all desire to be loved, we are hard wired for it.  And as great as love for one another is, there is a desire in my heart and your heart to be fully known and fully loved that only is satisfied by God. The Bible says that God is love and that love is from God. This Sunday, I will talk about God’s love, a love so great and so real that our hearts can rest satisfied in him.

If you know someone who needs to hear about God’s love, please consider inviting him or her this Sunday. Their heart, your heart, and my heart desires a love so strong and deep that only God can satisfy it.


2 Tim. 1:7(Fear)
[F]or God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.


We’re excited to offer a new role on our staff: communications and administration assistant. This full-time position offers a person the opportunity to apply his or her administrative and creative gifts and skills in support of our mission to make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ. You can find the job description at this link. For more information, please contact Leanna Hafften at or 715-386-4070, x124.

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Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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