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TheUpDate Weekly Newsletter - Oct. 17, 2018

Happy Wednesday, FCC! We’re almost to Sunday,when we can be together again to worship the living God! I can’t wait to be together!


He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.
Revelation 21.4

Back in May I went with our boys to see “Avengers Infinity War.” We all liked the previous movies in the “Avengers” series, and so my expectations were high. My expectations were also high, because when I am stressed, which I was in the spring, I like to watch movies where evil is punished and good overcomes. Though I read and watch a lot of Spiderman when I was a kid and young adult, I have no experience of the “Infinity War” storyline. I did no research about the storyline and about what to expect with “Infinity War.” I just wanted to experience the series of movies.

My first run through the movie was so depressing. I was not prepared for all the disappointment in the movie. I went to the movie wanting closure. Wanting the good guys to win, and the enemy defeated. But as I watched the movie, I kept asking myself, “Is there nothing that can stop Thanos, the great villain? Hulk can’t? Thor can’t? The resources of Wakanda can’t stop him?” I left that movie just defeated. All of the galaxy’s heroes had failed to stop the evil.

The good versus evil movies remind me that my heart longs for justice in this world. I long for wrongs to be righted; I long for good to overcome. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed wondering if there is so much evil in this world, how can there be a good God? But then another question emerges in my mind: if there isn’t a good God, why does my heart long for justice to be done?

This is the gospel reminder for today: God has promised that he will overcome the evil in this world. He will right the wrongs of this world. The strong desires we have in our hearts for justice, for a righting of wrongs, for the world to be put to rights, are not fiction. They are real and they will really be satisfied. God promises that one day, he will right the wrongs, death will be no more, evil will be overcome. He has already begun to overcome evil. Jesus’ death was the beginning of God overcoming evil and righting the world. One day, when Jesus returns, the work will be done. Until then, when life feels like “Infinity War,” and it seems like all hope is lost, remember “Infinity War” is fiction, God’s word is reality. God will overcome.


One initiative in our strategic plan is to employ discipleship principles for extending Jesus’ kingdom. This Sunday we will have an opportunity to hear about the Szymans’ work in the Twin Cities. The Szymans will be in both services and will host a time between the services to talk about their work.

Zack and Angie Szyman have been sent by FCC to live in Minneapolis and seek to make disciples among their neighbors of a specific immigrant group. God has opened the door for them to develop blessed friendships and to share the gospel, but almost all of these friends are closed to the gospel. This Sunday, Oct. 21, Zack and Angie will share an update in both services. Stop by the Refuge Room following the 9am service to hear more about these friendships, and also learn more about how Zack and Angie are seeking to persevere in this ministry and how you can pray and partner with them.


Our mission as a church is to make more and better discipleship of Jesus. This Sunday, Oct 21, we will begin a new teaching series, called “As We Go.” This is a six-week series, in which we will look at six words. Each word is a call to take a next step in discipleship. This Sunday we will hear the call to Follow. We will learn from Jesus’ teaching in Luke 9.23-26 about how to Follow him and what the rewards and costs are to following Jesus. The cost seems big, but in light of the joy and benefit of the reward, it doesn’t compare.

If you know some people who are asking questions about Jesus, and want to know more about following Jesus, please invite them this Sunday, or share the sermon once it’s posted on the website. Jesus’ teaching will help all of us take the step to follow him.


Want to help families in the Hudson community to have aChristmas meal this year, plus some extra food for their cupboards? Through the annual Heart for the Valley service project, middle school and high school students from Faith Community Church serve the surrounding community by packing and delivering a Christmas meal for families, as well as giving extra food to stock their cupboards. Each $60 donation to Heart for the Valley allows students to deliver two full boxes of food to each family, including a Christmas meal with extra food for their cupboards. To see Heart for the Valley in action, check out this video.

Please consider sponsoring one or multiple families this Christmas. You may donate online at, or you may contribute through a check made to FCC with “Heart for the Valley” or “HFTV” in the memo section. Thank you for your generosity in helping us serve families in our community!


Participating in the Hudson Backpack Program is one way FCC serves the families in our community, as part of living out our vision of renewed neighborhoods and the valley. With your help, backpacks filled with breakfast, lunch and food items are provided to families at Willow River Elementary and families at E.P. Rock Elementary twice a month during the school year. If you’d like to help this month, please pick up a green bag at the ministry booth in the lobby on Sunday, then shop for the items listed on the card attached to the bag and bring the filled bag back next weekend. To sign up to help distribute bags and for more information, please contact RobynRomberg at Thank you, FCC!



The national shoebox collection week for OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD (OCC) is Nov. 12-Nov.19. Faith Community Church will serve as the Western Wisconsin OperationChristmas Child Collection Center. Want to help?

  • PACK A SHOEBOX and drop it off at FCC. 
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED each day at FCC to packshoeboxes into cartons. We really need“heavy lifters” to load cardboard boxes on atruck each day right after the collection center closes. ContactLynn Hawksford for available times and to sign up to help.
  • CONSIDER SPONSORING A CHILD in OCC’s “The GreatestJourney” discipleship program.

QUESTIONS? Contact Lynn Hawksford at 715-377-5944 for more information.

LEARN ABOUT FCC events and registrations at

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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