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TheUpDate Weekly Newsletter - Oct. 31, 2018

Hello, Faith Community! Pastor Tim Porter is away from the office. Today’s UpDate includes information on this Sunday’s sermon, recommended resources from last Sunday’s sermon, and important FCC news and events.


We’re currently in a sermon series called, As We Go. This series is designed to shape the biblical principles for discipleship into actionable and applicable steps. Each week we’re talking about a new step to take in being a disciple of Jesus. To be a disciple of Jesus means simply to follow Jesus. We learn from his teaching in both word and deed and we live the way he teaches everyone to live. This week Pastor Tim Prince will be talking about the context that God has provided us to grow up into maturity: COVENANT (Colossians 3:12-17).

A loving covenant community on mission is where we grow up into maturity in Jesus. The primary biblical model that God has given us for a covenant community on mission is the family. God desires families to be bound to one another by the deep ties of love, mutual commitment and covenant unity. Families provide accountability, authority, protection, wisdom, love and opportunity for growth.They develop their members to maturity and produce new families. This is exactly the model for the church that we see laid out in the New Testament. 

Many of our churches today are too often organized like a social club (which lacks a strong and enduring commitment) or a service provider (where participation is passive and product-driven). In this type of community, Christians often fail to grow and fail to understand why Christianity isn’t “working.” On Sunday we’ll talk about recovering the biblical vision of the church as a covenant community on mission.


On Sunday, Oct. 28, Pastor Tim Prince taught on the discipleship principle, ALIGN (Psalm 19), about the role the Bible has in the life of followers of Jesus. You can watch or listen to the sermon here. The Bible is sufficient to teach us everything God thinks we need to know about him and life, so that we can live for him, glorify him, be acceptable to him, and experience joy in this life as we wait to see Jesus face-to-face. Find the books recommended by Pastor Prince, along with a brief description of each resource and why it’s been helpful to him at

AS WE GO DISCIPLESHIP WORKSHOP: Getting Started with the Bible in Discipleship  

THIS Sunday, Nov. 4, after both services in the Refuge Room

Led by Chris and Jill Willeke

The mission of Faith Community is to make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ. We offer occasional discipleship workshops, such as this one, that offer ways for each of us to be equipped for discipleship as we go about our lives every day. Come learn from the Willekes about a Bible study method that will help you enjoy a vital and rich relationship with God as you hear him speak to you on a daily basis. You will learn lifelong skills that over time will become a lifetime habit of self-guided reading and study of the Bible. 


Baptism is an act commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ as an expression of faith and a symbol of our union with Christ, especially in his death and resurrection. We are planning for baptisms in the services on Sunday, November 25. Pick up a “Believer’s Baptism” brochure at the Info Center for more info or contact Becki at or 715.386.4070 by noon on Monday, November 19, if you are interested in being baptized.

LEARN ABOUT FCC events and registrations at


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