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TheUpDate Weekly Newsletter - Sept. 25, 2019

Happy first week of Autumn, FCC! What a beautiful fall day that God has given us! I am trying to get over a cold that knocked me out on Monday, but this cold isn’t keeping my heart from celebrating. Personally, today is the anniversary of my first date with DJ. We’ve been together for 26 years. Wow! I am old, God is kind, and DJ is the best.

Pastorally, I am celebrating 11 people affirmed as new members on Sunday, Sept 22. I am grateful for our commitment to one another and to our mission. I am grateful that we get to do everything we can together to help everyone meet, know, and follow Jesus. If you would like to take the step to membership with us, please contact us at Find information about the next covenant membership class, scheduled for Oct. 17 and 24, later in this newsletter.


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By Pastor Tim Prince

“Come to me,” Jesus said, “and you will find rest for your souls.” This kind “soul rest” is ours to experience 24/7. Remember, even when he was working, Jesus was resting in the love of his Father. We are invited to do the same thing, all day, every day. Practicing a rhythm of Sabbath (a specific time of rest, dedicated to the Lord), will make resting throughout the rest of the week even easier. When we say “yes” to rest once a week and experience God’s provision, it becomes easier and easier to experience rest in our souls throughout the week.

Here are some suggestions for making the most out of your Sabbath rhythm:

  1. Create a specific plan for you and your household. Typically, Sabbath is practiced for 24 contiguous hours. When will you and your family rest? For how long?
  2. Read and Pray. A day of rest is a great opportunity to give some good time to just reading and spending time with God. We don’t often get long stretches of reading time. In our house, we sometimes tell our kids that mom and dad are going to read for an hour and don’t bug us!
  3. Reflect. Spending even 20 minutes writing down all of the ways that you saw God act faithfully in the last week is one of the best practices for cultivating a grateful and restful heart.
  4. Play. Do what you love to do best. When I was younger this was playing sports with my friends. Today its walking with my wife and wrestling with my boys. Enjoy the fact that you have a body that works and use it!
  5. Eat. Throw stuff in a crock-pot so you won’t have to work hard at it and eat on paper plates so you won’t have dishes, but eat heartily and invite friends to join you! Food is the great community builder. Take your time and enjoy a nice, long meal together.
  6. Gather with the church.

For more on the practice of Sabbath, check out “The Art of Rest” by Adam Mabry.

rhythms of grace art


Mick Jagger once sang, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” U2 once sang, “I still haven’t found what I am looking for.” But what if there is a real heart-level satisfaction we can experience? And what if, what we are looking for can be found? What would we do if we found it? On Sunday, we will learn from the example of a woman, who finally found what she was looking for. She discovered the relationship that she was always looking for. She found it in Jesus (John 4.27-42). And what she discovered, she shared with her friends and neighbors, and her village was turned upside down. Come on Sunday for “Sharing the Story of Grace,” as we learn about a rhythm of grace that flows from a satisfied heart to hearts searching for more

Every human heart is made to experience the grace of God. Pray about who you can invite, and invite a friend! This will be a great time together. See you on Sunday!

Watch or listen to sermons in the “Rhythms of Grace” series at or the FaithBase app.


In the fall edition of "FAITH Hudson" magazine, you'll find personal reflections from people at FCC on each of the spiritual disciplines highlighted in the current sermon series: Bible reading, prayer, rest and witness. As a follow up to last Sunday’s sermon, “Rest In Grace,” check out Kat Wheeler’s reflection on rest. Pick up a complimentary copy of the magazine on Sunday, or you can also read the reflections on the FCC blog at or the FaithBase app.

Josh Graham


To help you get to know Faith Community’s elders, pastors and staff, we highlight one leader each month, sharing some of his or her story, along with information on how he or she serves at FCC. This month, Josh Graham shares his story:

My name is Josh and I am a people pleaser. My mission in life has been to live for the approval of other people. Growing up, academic and athletic achievement were two areas that I sought to garner the affirmation from my peers and coaches. I gave myself to endless study in school and if I received poor grades on coursework, I would pursue any available extra credit opportunities to obtain the standards that were being communicated by teachers. In athletics I would show up to practice early and stay late to work on my weakness in order to gain favor with my coaches. When coaches would critique me for poor performances, I would implement their coaching as soon as possible, and seek to outperform those I was in competition within the next practice or game to demonstrate my work ethic and gain favor in their eyes.

The result of living for the approval of others did not lead to ongoing favor with those that I was seeking to please because through I tried to please others in my words and actions there was always someone’s expectations or standards that I was unable to achieve which led to ongoing battles with anxiety, and lack of joy in my life. Even though I grew up in a Christian home and was saved at a young age, I had a very little understanding of how my relationship with Christ impacted the negative emotional fruit that was evident in my life. But God in his kindness through his church helped me by showing me that God was pleased with me, not based on how well I performed before others or for him, but based on Christ’s performance on the cross. Jesus performed perfectly on my behalf, taking all my sin (including seeking the approval of others), and nailing it to the cross, canceling my debt, and extending grace, love, acceptance of me as His adopted son.

Though I continue to have moments in my life where I fall back into patterns of living for the approval of others, the promises of Scripture (Ephesians 1:1-14, 1 Peter 1:3-9, Romans 5:1-11, Romans 8) remind me of my acceptance in Christ and continue to be a balm for my soul and catalyst for change. The Scriptures have taught me that in the moments when I am living for the approval of man, I am not embracing the truth about who God is and what he has done in Christ. Yet, God’s Word does not leave me exposed and floundering in unbelief but provides me with hope filled promises that I am called to believe, renewing my mind and redirecting my heart on the reality of the glorious truths that in Christ I am accepted by God and in God there is infinite pleasure and joy forevermore (Proverbs 29:25, Psalm 63:3, Psalm 16:11).    

Josh serves as a FCC Elder and co-leads the River Falls Missional Community. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and has been on staff as FCC Facilities and Events Manager for more than eight years. Josh and his wife, Emily, live in River Falls with their daughters, Anna (9), and Sara (6). Josh enjoys reading, trout fishing, spending time with his wife and girls and doing life together with his extended family in the River Falls Missional Community.


One of the ways we live out our vision to see renewed neighborhoods, is through support of the Hudson Backpack Program. Thank you, FCC, for your generosity in the way you are helping families in our community!

As part of the Hudson Backpack Program, FCC provides food and prepares backpacks for families in need at our partnering schools, Willow River Elementary and E.P. Rock Elementary. Many of the families have difficulty providing food for weekend meals. Backpacks filled with breakfast, lunch, and dinner items are sent home on Thursdays twice a month to assist feeding families over weekends.

Green bags are handed out at FCC one Sunday a month during the school year with a shopping list of items to be purchased. If you’d like to participate, here are some ways you can help:

  • DONATE new or slightly used backpacks. We will use them to send food home during the school year. Drop them off at the Info Center.
  • PICK UP a green bag to fill up with food. Shop for the listed items and bring the filled green back on the following Sunday.
  • VOLUNTEER to help handout the green bags after one of the worship services.
  • VOLUNTEER to help pack backpacks. They’re packed twice a month on Tuesdays.
  • For more information contact Robyn Romberg at


We look more like Jesus and experience the joy of community when we serve each other, our neighbors, and our city. Check out these new service opportunities (and more) at or the FaithBase app:


James 4:7-8 (Temptation)
7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.


COVENANT MEMBERSHIP CLASS I OCT. 17 AND 24 (attend both sessions)

  • If you are interested in becoming a member of FCC, the next Covenant Membership Class will be offered on Oct. 17 and 24, 5:45 to 8:00pm (attend both sessions). This class is our introduction to membership at FCC and covers a variety of topics, including our purpose, mission, vision, discipleship paths, Missional Communities, and more.
  • A complimentary meal and child care are available with the class. Learn more and register at or the FaithBase app.

Pastor Larry Szyman and FCC Elder Dan Fosterling just returned from Uganda, training local church leaders to ensure that FCC's goal of seeing an African-led, disciple making, church planting movement takes root in northern Uganda. Read blog posts from their trip at or the FaithBase app.

LEARN ABOUT FCC events and registrations at or the app. Search for “Faith Community Church Hudson” on the App Store or Google play to download the app.

PRAYER REQUESTS + CARE NEEDS are posted on the Prayer + Care wall on the FaithBase app. You can also sign up on the app under “Emails + Registrations,” if you would like to receive an email when new prayer requests and care needs are posted.

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Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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