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TheUpDate Weekly Newsletter - September 2, 2020

Hello, Faith Community! We’ve had an exciting few days with baptisms this past weekend, one person saying YES to Jesus through our online services, and a lunch on Monday for Hudson High School teachers and staff hosted by FCC’s Refuge leaders and students. Five baptisms took place on campus and two baptisms were led by the Houlton Missional Community at Perche Lake.  

The two people baptized at Perche Lake shared their testimonies before heading down to the lake.

Pastor Tim Porter led the baptisms on campus.
More than 160 teachers and staff at Hudson High School attended an appreciation lunch on Monday, Aug. 31, hosted and served by The Refuge leaders and students.


  • NEW series starts on Sunday!
  • Ministry Highlight: Young Families Missional Community
  • Fall ministry registrations
  • FCC facility updates
  • This week’s Bible memory verse


Watch a 1-minute VIDEO introducing the “Unafraid” series that starts this Sunday, Sept. 6.  

For every great step in life, there is often a legitimate fear standing in the way because we live in a world that is full of dangers. One of the most common commands found in the Bible is “Do not be afraid.” As humans, we were born to be brave, to step out and make a difference in the world. God wants us to be brave. What if being brave was far less about what we can accomplish and a whole lot more about trusting our next step to a God who is able to do all things?  This Sunday we will learn how God moves us from fear to trust.


Find the conversation guide for the “The Lost Brother” sermon (Aug. 30) at or on the app. This is a great tool for those wishing to take a more personal, deeper dive into the content of each sermon on your own, as a family, or in discipleship groups and Missional Communities. And, we welcome your feedback!  

Watch or listen to sermons in the “All for One” series at or on the app.  

Whether you watch at home or are on campus on Sundays, you matter to us and you matter to God, and we are one church with one mission: to help everyone meet, know and follow Jesus.  

MINISTRY HIGHLIGHT: Young Families Missional Community

Pastor Tim Porter recently shared a video message with Faith Community Church’s approach to fall ministry: go small in the fall. (You can watch the video at this link.) A central part of the “go small in the fall” approach is small groups, as they are the core of progress in discipleship.   

  • They allow us to apply the gospel to our lives alongside others who can support and challenge us in our journey to know and follow Jesus. 
  • And, in the uncertainty of the pandemic, small groups are the least likely to be affected during our time of potential changes.  

Ministry leaders are creatively shaping their ministry around small groups this fall. Today, we highlight how the Young Families Missional Community’s focus on discipleship groups helps them grow in relationship with one another, while staying flexible in meeting styles.

The Young Families Missional Community (YFMC) launched in January of this year with a desire to build relationships and receive mentoring from its leadership. The Missional Community is co-led by Gregg and Diane Bennett and Vance and Jacqueline Zins.
“Building intentional relationships was put at the forefront,” Gregg said.
"Everyone really wanted to spend the time to build and foster intentional relationships," Diane said.
The YFMC breaks out into a men’s discipleship group and a women’s discipleship group for a book-centered study. Every other Monday, one of the discipleship groups meets at the Bennetts' home. The groups started with the book, “Gospel Fluency.”
“The study is a springboard to build relationships and grow with one another,” Diane said.
During the week, the women stay connected through text messages, including staying connected through prayer.  

"We have recently begun sharing our prayer requests by text, with each person taking at least one day of the week to pray for all of the groups' prayer requests,” Diane said. “It's a small change but one that brings a new level of accountability to each person in the group.
Diane added that the YFMC Missional Community has been a blessing and "our discipleship groups are experiencing a welcome intimacy that has been difficult to achieve in the past.”
According to Diane, the difference is the primary focus on small groups.

“The group has been extremely engaged and has desired discipleship and mentoring,” Gregg said.
In addition to the four leaders, there are three couples in the group. Each of the three couples has one child, although one family is now expecting the arrival of a second child very soon. When the women’s group meets, the men care for their children, and vice versa when the men meet.
“We were in a position that when COVID came, we had the structure to continue to meet,“ Gregg said.”
During the lockdown in the spring, the discipleship groups met in a hybrid style. Some of the group members met in person, while some joined in through a video call on Zoom. When the new baby arrives, the women's group may return to the hybrid style of meeting or may enjoy their newest little group member in person.
The entire Missional Community has only met all together once since March, for a social gathering.

"We look forward to meeting together in a large group setting soon," Diane said.  
The YFMC is always open to more families. If you’d like more information on the group, please contact Gregg or Diane Bennett at 715-441-0871 or 715-410-4396, or by email at Find information on other Missional Communities at or by contacting Pastor Tim Prince at


FCC ministries are preparing for the fall launch of weekly activities. Several online registrations are open now and more will be added soon. Find more information on each ministry, including dates, times and online registrations, at or the FaithBase app. Registrations now open include the following:


  • FCC’s phone system has not been working properly this week. We believe it may be related to the storm that affected power at the church building a couple of weeks ago. We apologize, if you attempted to call the church office and could not be connected. The phone system has now been repaired. You can also contact pastors and staff by email. You can find their email addresses at Thank you!
  • Next Wednesday, Sept. 9, there will be NO POWER from approximately 9am to 1pm at the church building due to construction taking place across the street.


1 Peter 5:8-10 (Temptation)
8 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9 Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. 10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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