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Trials + Wisdom

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.
James 1:5

Recently I was listening to a training on grace in trials. One of the promises of Scripture is that we will endure trials. It’s not ‘if,’ but ‘when.’  The world is broken, hearts are deceptively wicked, bodies are diseased, the earth groans, nothing is untouched by sin and decay. So, we will experience trials of various kinds. We will not escape them.

The Bible offers to us a way to maximize and benefit from our trials; the Bible directs us to have our hearts fixed on gaining wisdom from God in our trials. It is amazing that God says to us that one thing he will give to us in trials is wisdom. God will give us wisdom, and he will give it generously. God will give to us great abundance of wisdom in trials, and he will not get sick of us asking for wisdom—he gives generously to all without reproach. So while we encounter various trials in our days, let’s fix our hearts to ask our gracious God for wisdom.

Recently, one of our boys was lamenting that over the last year, he has had to wait to receive purchases or gifts that were purchased for him (i.e., his Christmas gift came two weeks late, because of shipping and import restrictions).  As he expressed his frustration, he observed a pattern of needing to wait so much this last year. So, I asked what he thought God was teaching him in the various trials. Somewhat sheepishly but honestly, he responded ‘patience.’ I affirmed his answer, and kindly but clearly, directed him to James 1.5, and recommended that he start praying for God to give him a wise heart that is patient. I also rejoiced for him that God is doing what he said he would do, which is to make him more like Jesus. Jesus is long-suffering, astoundingly patient, and as he grows in patience, he will look more and more like Jesus.

May we approach our trials, seeking wisdom and desiring to be more like Jesus in the midst of them. If we do, the pain of the trial does not go away, but the trial becomes our friend, and we experience the generosity of God—he gives us wisdom!

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Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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