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What are you hoping for today?

Hope. I am a creature of hope. I have hundreds, perhaps thousands of small hopes for today.

I hope to make my appointments on time. I hope my meetings go well and are productive. I hope dinner will be tasty and good. I hope my commute goes well. I hope my son’s exam goes well. I hope my workout helps me get stronger. I hope my prayer for a friend is answered. I hope...

You hope. You have hundreds, perhaps thousands of hopes for today. We are hope-filled creatures. We can’t survive without hope.

Our attitudes and experience of life are shaped by our hopes, and if our hopes are being satisfied. Our happiness goes up and down depending on our hopes.

What is amazing about God is that God gives us a hope that is so unshakeable, so real, so true, that even when, or especially when, our hundreds or thousands of little hopes are being dashed to pieces, we can say today is a better day than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better still.

What is that hope? One of Jesus’ most influential pastors tells us.

In a letter to one of Paul’s mentees, named Titus, Paul tells Titus that grace trains us to wait for a most happy hope. That hope, Paul says, is “the appearing of our great God and savior, Jesus Christ” (Titus 2.13). There is a date set in the future, that we can place our whole hope on, because God is determined that it will take place. It is a most happy hope (that’s what Paul means by “blessed hope”), because when Jesus appears, we will see his glory, his wonder, his power, his goodness. We will see him, finally. Face to face. With Jesus, comes heaven on earth. The righting of wrongs, the banishing of sin and injustice and evil. With Jesus, comes eternal life.  With Jesus, comes resurrection from the dead.

It’s this hope, this most happy of hopes, that we need to get down into the deepest core of our hearts.

It is this hope, and this hope alone, that can make every day better than the last. Because this hope will come. This hope is the greatest of all hopes.

You have hopes today. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of hopes for today. But is your heart set on the happiest of all hopes? You can know a happiness and a joy, even when your fleeting hopes are being dashed. Jesus is coming again. Today is better than yesterday, because today we are one day closer to seeing him.

Tim Porter

Lead Pastor for the Mission


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